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4/11/2017FY 2017-18 Executive Budget Overview to Senate Finance
3/28/2017FY 2017-18 Executive Budget Overview to House Appropriations
2/23/2017FY 2017-18 Executive Budget Presentation
1/27/2017FY17 Budget Presentation to JLCB 1/27/17
9/19/2016Public/Private Hospital Partnership Agreements
7/1/2016Strategic Planning: FY 2018 through FY 2022
4/12/2016FY 2016-17 Executive Budget Presentation
3/9/2016Emergency Procurement Information
2/13/2016FY 2016-2017 Executive Budget
2/13/2016JLCB Executive Budget Presentation
11/20/20152015 Mid-Year Plan
2/27/2015FY16 Budget Highlights
2/27/2015FY16 Executive Budget
2/27/2015FY 16 Executive Budget Presentation to JLCB
2/20/2015Mid-Year Deficit Elimination Plan for JLCB
12/30/2014Public Hearing on Notice of Intent published on November 20, 2014
11/21/2014Mid-Year Deficit Elimination Plan for JLCB
11/7/2014OGB Briefing to House Appropriations and Senate Finance
10/1/2014Office of Group Benefits - Ordinary Rule
9/30/2014Office of Group Benefits - Emergency Rules
9/25/2014Office of Group Benefits Presentation for House Appropriations Committee
5/29/2014Governmental Efficiencies Management Support Lines of Service Catalog
5/29/2014Louisiana Government Efficiencies Management Support Final Report
Fiscal Year 2017 Executive Budget
FY 2016-2017 Budget Presentation
FY 2016-17 Executive Budget Presentation