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Professional Contracts - Contact Information

Claiborne Building



Driving Directions 

Mailing Address:

                                  Office of State Procurement
                                  Professional Contracts
                                  P. O. Box 94095
                                  Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9095

Physical Address:
Office of State Procurement
Professional Contracts
1201 N. Third Street
Claiborne Building, Suite 2-160
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Telephone: 225.342.8010
Fax: 225.342.8369

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday

PROFESSIONAL CONTRACTS STAFF                              
Pamela Bartfay Rice, Esq., Assistant Director   

Professional Contracts Team:
Manager: Pam Parker, CPPB
Administrative Support:
   Jola Cephus, Administrative Assistant
Team Leads:
Cheri Crain, State Purchasing Officer
Dorothy LeDoux, State Purchasing Officer
Team Staff:
Deborah Grand, State Contracts/Grants Officer
Kim Mulder, State Purchasing Officer
Krista Ellis, State Purchasing Officer
Larry Pitcher, State Contracts/Grants Officer
Miranda Babin, State Contracts/Grants Officer
Nancy Messina, State Contracts/Grants Officer
Brad Van Oss, State Contracts/Grants Officer
William Hickman, State Contracts/Grants Officer

Complex Services Contracts & RFPs
Manager: Allen Schulenberg, MPA, Manager
Administrative Support:
   Lynda Knippers, Administrative Coordinator
Team Leads:
Elizabeth Kunjappy, State Purchasing Officer
Janelle Brown, State Purchasing Officer
Sue Ellen Hopper, State Contracts/Grants Officer
Toni Gordon, State Purchasing Officer
Team Staff:                        
Bess Guidry, State Purchasing Officer
Brady Barr, State Purchasing Officer
Jamie Mabile, State Purchasing Officer
Ken Trull, State Contracts/Grants Officer
Kia Price, State Purchasing Officer
Leslie Garcia, State Contracts/Grants Officer
Marguerite Taylor, State Contracts/Grants Officer
Mark Cavalier, State Purchasing Officer
Monica Clark, State Contracts/Grants Officer
Susan Holcomb, State Purchasing Officer