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JBE 2017

2017 Executive Orders

JBE 17-01
Mortgage Credit Certificate Certification

JBE 17-02
Qualified Energy Conservation Bond Allocation--Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District

JBE 17-03
Carry-Forward Bond Allocation 2016

JBE 17-04
Emergency Suspension of Certain Insurance Code Provisions--Amended

JBE 17-05
Flags at Half-Staff--Honorable Armand Joseph Brinkhaus

JBE 17-06
Flags at Half-Staff--Sergeant Shawn Thomas Anderson
JBE 17-07
Offender Labor
JBE 17-08
Offender Labor
JBE 17-09
Flags at Half-Staff--Honorable Ralph. R. Miller
JBE 17-10
Flags at Half-Staff--Honorable Michael Lee Tinnerello
JBE 17-11
Emergency Suspension of Certain Insurance Code Provisions--Amended
JBE 17-12
Flags at Half-Staff--Honorable Al Ater
JBE 17-13
Flags at Half-Staff--Honorable Jimmy Martin


JBE 17-26
Flags at Half-Staff

JBE 17-27

JBE 17-28

JBE 17-29
Emergency Procedures for Response to Camp Minden Emergency

JBE 17-30
Governor's Task Force on Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policy

JBE 17-31
Louisiana Cybersecurity Commission

JBE 17-32
Rescind Executive Order No. JBE 17-14
Suspension of Rule and Regulation Promulgation
by the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code Council 

JBE 17-33
Governor's Justice Reinvestment Implementation Oversight Council

JBE 17-34
Flags at Half-Staff