1996 Executive Orders
MJF 96-1 
Abolishes preferential treatment programs
MJF 96-2 
Louisiana Interagency Action Council for the Homeless
MJF 96-3 
Affirmative Action
MJF 96-4 
Inmate Labor
MJF 96-5 
Assistant District Attorneys Advisory and Review Commission
MJF 96-6 
Advisory Council on Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities
MJF 96-7 
Small Business Bonding Assistance Program
MJF 96-8 
Louisiana LEARN Commission
MJF 96-9 
Governor's DWI/Vehicular Homicide Task Force
MJF 96-10 
Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary
MJF 96-11 
Housing Finance Agency Bond Allocation
MJF 96-12 
Governor's Military Advisory Commission
MJF 96-13 
Flying the POW/MIA Flag Over the State Capitol
MJF 96-14 
Procurement of Small Purchases
MJF 96-15 
Task Force for the Reduction of Automobile Insurance Rates
MJF 96-16 
Flying Flags at Half-Staff
MJF 96-17 
Medically Needy Program
MJF 96-18 
Re-establishment of the Inter-Agency Transportation Coordination Committee
MJF 96-19 
Establishment of the Office of Business Advocacy
MJF 96-20 
Establishment of Substance Abuse Educational Program for State Employees
MJF 96-21 
Gaming Control Board's Salary and Per Diem
MJF 96-22 
Technology Transfer Programs
MJF 96-23 
1996 Corn and Grain Special Permits
MJF 96-24 
Submission of Public Funds Expenditures to the Office of Contractual Review
MJF 96-25 
Bond Ceiling Allocation, Method and Recordkeeping
MJF 96-26 
Public Facilities Authority Bond Allocation
MJF 96-27 
Emergency Operations Center
MJF 96-28 
School-to-Work Council
MJF 96-29 
Environmental Protection and Preservation Task Force
MJF 96-30 
Bond Allocation Jefferson Parish Mortgage Authority
MJF 96-31 
Bond Allocation Housing Finance Agency
MJF 96-32 
Bond Allocation Housing Finance Agency
MJF 96-33 
Bond Allocation-East Baton Rouge Mortgage Finance Authority
MJF 96-34 
Bond Allocation City of Alexandria
MJF 96-35 
Bond Allocation Bastrop Industrial Development Board
MJF 96-36 
Bond Allocation Parish of Rapides
MJF 96-37 
Bond Allocation Parish of Calcasieu, Inc. Industrial Development Board
MJF 96-38 
Bond Allocation Parish of Lincoln
MJF 96-39 
Bond Allocation Parish of St. Bernard
MJF 96-40 
Bond Allocation New Orleans Home Mortgage Authority
MJF 96-41 
D.A.R.E. Advisory Council
MJF 96-42 
Statewide Independent Living Council
MJF 96-43 
Rehibilitation Advisory Council
MJF 96-44 
Drug Control and Violent Crimes Policy Board
MJF 96-45 
Bond Allocation Extensions
MJF 96-46 
Arson Strike Force
MJF 96-47 
Office of Urban Affairs and Development
MJF 96-48 
Emergency Response Commission
MJF 96-49 
Hazard Mitigation Team
MJF 96-50 
Computer Systems Compliance
MJF 96-51 
Community Development Block Grant Funds
MJF 96-52 
HUD's Consolidated Submission Requirements
MJF 96-53 
Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy
MJF 96-54 
Super Bowl XXXI at the Superdome
MJF 96-55 
Advisory Council on Disability Affairs
MJF 96-56 
Project Restore Task Force
MJF 96-57 
Private Employment Service Advisory Council
MJF 96-58 
Environmental Projection Agency (EPA) Programs and Activities Review
MJF 96-59 
Child Care and Development Block Grant Advisory Council
MJF 96-60 
Multiple-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Task Force
MJF 96-61 
Bond Allocation Parish of Caddo Industrial Development Board
MJF 96-62 
Bond Allocation Jefferson Parish Mortgage Authority
MJF 96-63 
Bond Allocation New Orleans Home Mortgage Authority
MJF 96-64 
Office of Business Advocacy
MJF 96-65 
Mississippi River Road Commission
MJF 96-66 
Hazard Mitigation Team
MJF 96-67 
Emergency Response Commission
MJF 96-68 
Series 1996 Bonds
MJF 96-69 
JTPA Program Manager
MJF 96-70 
Louisiana Occupational Information Coordinating Committee
MJF 96-71 
Postsecondary Review Commission
MJF 96-72 
French Heritage Joint Committes
MJF 96-73 
School Based Health Center Investigation
MJF 96-74 
School Based Health Clinic Task Force
MJF 96-75 
Forest Products Industry Development Task Force
MJF 96-76 
Tangipahoa River Task Force
MJF 96-77 
Statewide Intermodal Transportation Steering Committee
MJF 96-78 
Bond Allocation Calcasieu Parish Authority
MJF 96-79 
Unclassified State Employee Leave