2010 Executive Orders

BJ 10-01
Rescinding Executive Orders BJ 08-48 and BJ 08-52

BJ 10-02
Support to Oklahoma

BJ 10-03
State of Emergency--Extension of Qualifying in the Parish of DeSoto

BJ 10-04
Carry-Forward Bond Allocation 2009

BJ 10-05
Merit Increase Freeze

BJ 10-06
Executive Branch--Expenditure Freeze

BJ 10-07
Flags at Half Staff

BJ 10-08
Emergency Procedures for Conducting State Business

BJ 10-09
Emergency Partial Suspension of Certain EMT Licensing Laws

BJ 10-10
Bond Allocation--Local Government Environmental Facilities and Community and Development Authority

BJ 10-11
Property Use for Emergency Berm Project for Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Response

BJ 10-12
Executive Department--Limited Hiring Freeze

BJ 10-13
Louisiana Intrastate Rail Authority

BJ 10-14
DOTD Guidelines for Vehicles, Trucks and Loads

BJ 10-15
Offender Labor

BJ 10-16
Small Purchase Procedures

BJ 10-17 
Governor's Military Advisory Board--Amends and Supercedes Executive Order No. BJ 09-04

BJ 10-18 
In Memoriam

BJ 10-19 
Governor's Advisory Council on Disability Affairs--Amended Executive Order No. BJ 08-74

BJ 10-20 
Executive Branch--Expenditure Reduction

BJ 10-21 
Gulf Opportunity Zone Advance Refunding Bond Allocation--Louisiana Local Government Environmental Facilties and Community Development Authority