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IEB Instructions for State Agencies

Encumbrance of the Appropriation

In accordance with the application for funds and IEB Rule No. 8, you must submit satisfactory evidence of an obligation to expend these funds to the Board within sixty (60) days from the date of the accompanying letter notifying the agency of the approval or the appropriation will be void. Encumbrance is accomplished if the agency has paid out any funds related to the appropriation before the sixty-day deadline. If not, then a letter must be written to the Board Secretary in which the status of the project is outlined (i.e., the projected date of the bid opening, the anticipated date of the bid award, etc.) and request the encumbrance of the funding. The agency will receive a written response to this request.

Drawing the Appropriated Fund

Only after your agency has received the official IEB letter of notification of approval does your agency prepare a BA-7 and submit it to the Office of Budget and Planning (OPB) in the Division of Administration. When the approved BA-7 is returned to your agency, you must then prepare an appropriation document (AP), a revenue budget document (RB) and an expenditure budget document (EB) in the AFS accounting system used by the state. After these three documents are approved, warrants can be drawn from this appropriation by warrant voucher for the amount of the invoices to be paid at that time. The entire appropriation cannot be drawn down up-front by the agency.

Quarterly Reports to the IEB

Under the mandates of Act 507 of 1997, any recipient of an IEB appropriation must provide a quarterly report to the IEB by the fifteenth day following the close of each calendar quarter. The quarterly reports must be received by the IEB no later than October 15 (July-September), January 15 (October-December), April 15 (January-March) and July 15 (April-June). A sample copy of the report is included. With the completed report, you must file a copy of any invoices drawn against the appropriation in that quarterly period. The original report and one photocopy must be mailed to the Board Secretary at P. O. Box 44500, Baton Rouge, LA 70804-4500 or delivered to her in Room B-153 at the state capitol.

Completion of the Project

Any funds remaining on deposit with the state agency after the completion of the project must be reversed as soon as completed. The IEB must be notified by letter of this action, and two copies of the partial quarterly report for said project must be submitted at that time.

Appropriation Reauthorization to a Succeeding Fiscal Year

A BA-7 with the proper supporting documentation must be submitted to the Board Secretary if any project has bona fide obligations in existence at the end of a fiscal year. Information regarding the submission of this documentation and the deadline for receipt of it is sent to all state agencies by OPB each year. Please comply with the procedures outlined in the mailing from OPB in order to protect your agency's IEB appropriation.