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Flood Contracts

The Office of Community Development is currently reviewing contracts of recipients and sub-recipients for accuracy and will update this report on a quarterly basis. Existing contracts may be pending entry on this report until all information is confirmed. Any penalties and/or liquidated damages assessed to contractors will be noted on this report.

State of Louisiana disaster recovery procurement laws, policies and procedures are available at the following links:

Grantee: ​State of Louisiana
​Grant Number: ​B-16-DL-22-0001
​A. Contractor Name​B. DUNS Number​C. Procured by​D. Contract Execution Date​E. Contract End Date​F. Total Contract Amount​G. Amount of CDBG-DR​H. Brief Description of Contract
​AECOM Technical Services, Inc.​003184462​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​10/14/2019​10/13/2022​$1,000,000​$1,000,000​Facilitate the development and implementation of a statewide, watershed-based floodplain management program.
Aguilar Consultants, LLC​007170755​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​9/1/2018​8/31/2020​$49,999​$49,999​Appraisal services
​Alpha Media and Public Relations ​pending​NewCorp.​5/28/2016​7/7/2016​$33,413​$33,413​Restore LA Marketing and Outreach
​Arcadis​788772759​Coastal Protection And Restoration Authority​9/1/2017​8/31/2020$1,310,573.75$1,310,573.75​Watershed Council support services. Expand contract from Phase I to Phase II floodplain planning services.
​Ardyn M. Thriffiley and Associates, Inc.​004864045​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​1/1/2017​10/31/2018​$48,000​$48,000​To develop a Louisiana Long Term Community Resiliency Planning Guide.
​Capital Region Planning Commission​786067397​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​10/1/2018​3/31/2020​$360,000​$360,000​The goal of the Program is to provide an analysis and report on vulnerabilities and risks in land and water transportation suffered during the 2016 Severe Storms and Flooding events.
​Center for Planning Excellence, Inc. (CPEX)​038280611​​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​9/1/2018​8/31/2019​$49,845​$49,845​The goal of this Contract is to develop a long term resiliency plan for East Baton Rouge Parish (EBR) consistent with FEMA's National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) for Louisiana that will enable the EBR Municipal Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness to implement disaster response and recovery coordinated with the NDRF for Louisiana.
CohnReznick LLP​​067510214​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​​4/21/2017​​4/20/2020​​$15,500,000​​$15,500,000​Restore Louisiana Homeowner Program quality assurance and quality control
​Compass Group Affordable Housing, LLC​602946811​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​8/24/2015​8/23/2018​$1,444,000​$1,444,000​Administration of Affordable Rental Housing programs (multiple sources of disaster funding)
​Compass Group Affordable Housing, LLC​602946811​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​9/05/2018​9/04/2021​$1,500,000​$1,500,000​To provide functional support services for the CDBG Low Income Housing Tax Credits Program, the Affordable Rental Program and housing related aspects of various Restore Louisiana programs. (multiple sources of disaster funding)
Conduent State & Local Solutions, Inc​​050265321​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​​4/5/2017​6/10/2017​$491,412​​​​$491,412​​Initial call center services for Restore Louisiana Homeowner Program
​CSRS, Inc.​930873013​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​10/14/2019​10/13/2022​$1,500,000​$1,500,000​Facilitate the development and implementation of a statewide, watershed-based floodplain management program.
DCMC Partners​079837182​​​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​12/1/2016​11/30/2017​​$49,999​​$49,999​Construction consultant for Restore Louisiana Homeowner Program
Disaster Metrics, LLC​080474160​​​​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​10/1/2016​9/30/2017​​$7,350​​$7,350​Social vulnerability statistical study of flood impacts by parish
DWD Technology Group074332164​​​​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​3/1/2017​2/29/2020​$55,000​$55,000​Software modifications for Restore Louisiana Small Business Loan Program. Multiple attachments. (multiple sources of disaster funding).
Emergent Method, L.L.C.​034806728​​​​​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​5/15/2018​4/29/2020​$2,000,000​$2,000,000​For Communications and Outreach services (multiple sources of disaster funding).
​Fishman Haygood, LLP​847033198​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​6/30/2017​6/29/2020​$80,000​​$80,000​Legal Services (Multiple sources of disaster funding)
Fishman Haygood, LLP​847033198​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​8/29/2018​6/29/2020$100,000​​$100,000​​Amend 1 Legal Services incr (Multiple sources of disaster funding)
​Fishman Haygood, LLP​847033198​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​4/10/2019​6/29/2020​$200,000​$200,000​Amend 2 Legal Services incr (Multiple sources of disaster funding)
Franklin Associates, LLC608727934​​Louisiana Housing Corporation​​2/12/2016​6/30/2019​​$7,289,500​$3,618,750To perform environmental reviews and homeowner inspections. CDBG-DR funds represented are related to 2016 Flood Work. Other components of the contract funded through other sources.
Fugro​114376135​Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority​3/1/2019​2/28/2022​$2,312,117​$2,312,117​La Watershed Initiative Services, gather LIDAR data.
​Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP)​110613903​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​7/1/2018​6/30/2021​$558,000​$558,000​The goal of this Contract is to provide OCD-DRU with the timely review and processing of close-out of Project Worksheets (PW) associated with the Severe Storms and Floods of 2016 to support the CDBG-DR compliant payment of the required match component associated with the eligible PWs.
​, LLC​192237977​Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry​3/16/2017​3/15/2018​$6,100​$6,100​Online grant application management system
​Greater Baton Rouge Economic Partnership, Inc.​133378328​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​12/1/2017​6/30/2018​$20,000​$20,000​Outreach program to build awareness for the Restore Louisiana Small Business Program.
Hammerman & Gainer, LLC​030919914​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​11/18/2019​11/17/2022​$40,000,000​$40,000,000​Implementation and administration services needed to support the Restore Louisiana Program.
​Henry Consulting, LLC​192558901​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​10/14/2019​10/13/2022​$500,000​$500,000​Facilitate the development and implementation of a statewide, watershed-based floodplain management program.
​Hunt, Guillot & Associates, LLC​012836610​​​​​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​11/6/2017​11/5/2019​$10,000,000​$10,000,000​RestoreLA home inspections, quality assurance and quality control
Hunt, Guillot & Associates, LLC​012836610​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​11/18/2019​11/17/2022​$6,500,000​$6,500,000​Services to support the implementation and administration of the Restore Louisiana Program. Services may expand to accommodate other existing disaster recovery, Watershed Initiative, and resilience/mitigation programs.
​Innovative Emergency Management​601275282​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​4/21/2017​4/20/2020​$385,000,000​$385,000,000​Restore Louisiana Homeowner Program implementation and administration
​Louisiana State University​075050765​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​8/1/2017​3/31/2018​$11,755​$11,755​Design for possible Pecan Acres relocation site
Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College​783201833​​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​10/1/2018​9/30/2019​$205,718.50​​$205,718.50​The goal of this Contract is the production of safe, resilient, energy-efficient, durable and healthy homes that are affordable to own for the beneficiaries of OCD housing activities. (projects: Pecan Acres Sustainable Resettlement Project, Isle deJean Charles Resettlement Project, Lafourche Resilient Housing)
​Pan American Engineers, LLC​050644038​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​10/1/20179/30/2020​​$9,000,000​$9,000,000​Grant Management for CDBG funded programs
​Paragon Language Services, LLC​798881553​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​12/1/2019​11/30/2022​$100,000​$100,000​The translation of all Public Notices, Action Plans and other documents into Spanish and Vietnamese that are associated with the State of Louisiana, DOA, OCD activities for the period of time designated.
Ramboll Environ US Corporation​085311183​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​11/1/2018​5/8/2019​$2,150,000​$2,150,000​Multiple sources of funding.
​Ramboll Environ US Corporation​085311183​​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​11/1/2019​10/31/2022​$3,000,000​$3,000,000​To provide statutorily and regulatory environmental assessments and analyses for all programs which OCD administeres or has a stakeholder interest.
Multiple funding sources.
​SCI Research and Consulting, Inc​015205295​​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU5/1/2017​​4/30/2018​$24,496​$24,496​Creation of a web-based survey tool and collection of information from small businesses which suffered damage due to the Great Flood of 2016
​S. E. Huey Co., APC​48519813​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​1/1/2018​9/30/2019​$49,400​$49,400​Develop a long term resiliency plan for Ouachita Strong and the surrounding region consistent with FEMA's National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) for Louisiana that will enable the area to implement disaster response and recovery coordinated with the NDRF for Louisiana.
​Spears Consulting​837070833​TruFund Financial​5/15/2017​5/15/2018​$40,000​$40,000​Marketing/Public Relations spent as of 11.30.17
​Start Corporation​859805285​Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals​12/1/2015​6/30/2018​$2,802,482​$2,802,482To provide support services required to help individuals rebuild their lives after homelessness, institutional care or other disruptions due to the Flood of 2016. (multiple sources of disaster funding)
Tembua, Inc.​099905597​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​7/1/2017​6/30/2020​$175,000​$175,000​Translation of Action Plan, etc. into Vietnamese, Spanish and Khmer for all relevant disasters (multiple sources of disaster funding)
​W Resources​016364801​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​9/1/2017​8/31/2018​$25,000​$25,000​Independent analysis of OCD's inspection process, policy and procedures
​Westaff​788265564​TruFund Financial​5/4/2017​11/30/2017​$25,686​$25,686​Temp Services
​Xerox Corporation​137644035​Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry​10/16/2017​6/30/2018​$988​$988​Copy machine
Zehnder Communications, Inc​967601295​State of Louisiana OCD-DRU​8/1/2017​7/31/2018​$49,999​$49,999​Media campaign to build awareness of the Restore Louisiana Small Business Program using media placements.