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Gustav-Ike Action Plans and Amendments

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#Action Plan or
Action Plan​For funds allocated by P.L. 110-329
1 Amendment 1

First Allocation

2 Amendment 2Second Allocation
​3Amendment 3

​Details of Second Allocation Programs (partial approval)

HUD's denial letter re: Interoperable Communications within APA 3
​4Amendment 4 Details of Second Allocation Programs
​5Amendment 5​Fisheries, Comprehensive Resiliency and Economic Revitalization Programs
​6Amendment 6​Fisheries Recovery Program
​7Amendment 7​Homelessness Prevention Housing and Compensation/Incentive Programs
​8 ​Amendment 8​Third Allocation
​9Amendment 9Disaster Recovery Enhancement Fund
​10Amendment 10Interoperability Communications Infrastructure Program
​11Amendment 11​Clarification Related to Compensation/Incentive Housing Programs
​12Amendment 12​Nonsubstantial Clarification Related to Economic Revitalization Programs (approved in APA 3, APA 5 and APA 8)
​13Amendment 13Nonsubstantial Clarification to the Fisheries Industry Modernization Program: Vessel Monitoring System
​14Amendment 14​Clarification of Eligible Activity Under the LIHTC "Piggyback" Affordable Rental Program;
and Technical Clarification to the Business Grant and Loan
​15Amendment 15​Reallocation of Funds: $612,000 from Homelessness Supports Program to Economic Revitalization Program - Business Recovery Grant and Loan Phase Program; and $2,700,000 from the DREF Allocation and $397,457 from the First Allocation Under the Affordable Rental Housing Program to the Economic Revitalization Program - Business Recovery Grant and Loan Program
​16Amendment 16​Clarification of Financing Tools Under the State-Implemented Affordable Rental Housing programs for grants to Public Housing
​17Amendment 17

​Recovery Public Service Program

​18Amendment 18​Clarification to the Comprehensive Resiliency and Homelessness Prevention programs; Funds Modification and Clarification to the Fishery Recovery Program
​19Amendment 19Re: Affordable Rental Housing Program
​20Amendment 20​Clarification to the Louisiana Farm Recovery and Grant Program and Louisiana Agri-Business Recovery Loan Assistance Program
​21Amendment 21Reallocation of Funds from the Non-Profit Homeowner Rehab Program to the Economic Revitalization Program
​22Amendment 22​Reallocation of Funds from the Fishery Recovery Program and the Agriculture Program to the Economic Revitalization Program
​23 ​Amendment 23​Modification to the Eligible Activities for Admin, Planning and Technical Assistance funds

Amendment 24

​​​​​​​Amends allocations to State Affordable Rental, Interoperable Communications, Municipal Infrastructure, Economic Revitalization, Recovery  Public Service, Fisheries and Comprehensive Resiliency programs; Creates and allocates funds to the Soft Second Mortgage Program; and Creates the Healthy Food Retail Program.