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Gustav-Ike Infrastructure and Economic Development Programs


Coastal Communities Recovery

Funds projects to restore, harden and improve critical infrastructure, including: water control structures, levees, economic centers, and other critical storm protection and wetland restoration. Administered in partnership with the state Office of Coastal Protection and Restoration, there are eight approved projects in this $30 million program.


Municipal Infrastructure

Funds unmet disaster recovery needs in 60 local municipalities located within the 53 parishes impacted by Gustav/Ike. Project categories include:
Flood drainage improvements;
Water/sewer improvements;
Street improvements;
Fire and emergency equipment; and
Other public facilities and improvements.
An additional $5 million has been made available for unmet disaster recovery needs specifically in coastal communities.

Economic Development and Growth

Administered in partnership with the Louisiana Office of Economic Development, focuses on major economic development initiatives that are primarily aimed at established industries and workforce appropriate for the unique geographic, climatic, population and growth conditions of the state. The program is designed to have a large impact by providing jobs, infrastructure and workforce development to hurricane damaged regions.

Interoperable Communications*

The Interoperable Communications program supported the seamless communication among all first responders and the improvement of information sharing and systems in the event of a disaster. Administered by the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, the new equipment funded through this program aided first responders during Hurricane Isaac. The number of users, available sites and channels available for communication were all doubled during the storm, and the number of busy calls decreased by 40.5 percent.

*Program has completed activities


Economic Development

Economic Revitalization (Business Grant and Loan)

Provides grants or loans for economic development projects to businesses, nonprofit organizations, parishes, local governments and political subdivisions. Depending on the nature of the project, jobs will be created, services will be provided to individuals, slum and blight will be eliminated or an urgent need will be met.


Innovation Loan and Technical Assistance

Funds sub-recipients who provide technical assistance, small loans, or a combination of both, to small or start-up businesses. The technical assistance includes:

  • Financial management;
  • One-on-one counseling;
  • Business plan development; and
  • Development of a website.

Loans range in size from $50,000 to $500,000 and can be used for equipment, inventory and either real estate acquisition or construction. The current Innovation program combines both Katrina/Rita and Gustav/Ike CDBG funds and began in 2010.

Innovation Grant Program - Workforce

Provides grants up to $1 million to community-based nonprofit organizations and technical colleges to deliver workforce training to individuals. The training that individuals receive can occur over varying lengths of time and typically results in a tangible skill and/or certification in a particular industry.

Innovation Grant Program - Unmet Needs

Provides technical assistance funding in geographic areas identified as underserved by the Innovation Loan and Technical Assistance program. Provides funding to Fast Forward Restart, the South LA Economic Council and the Louisiana Small Business Development Center to provide technical assistance to small and start-up businesses.


Public Service - Cecil J. Picard/LA4 Early Childhood Education**

Provided funding to the Louisiana Department of Education for the Cecil J. Picard LA4 program to provide high-quality early childhood education to children who are from low- to moderate-income families and are eligible to attend kindergarten the following year. Funding for this program combined both $15.7 million in Katrina/Rita funds and $20 million in Gustav/Ike, which was made available to the state Department of Education for the 2012-13 school year.

**Program has completed activities

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