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Gustav-Ike Parish Programs

Parish Recovery Program

More than half of the $1.09 billion appropriated to Louisiana by HUD for recovery from hurricanes Gustav and Ike was allocated to the 53 impacted parishes. Based on damages, the parishes received a total allocation of $562.5 million to implement their own housing, infrastructure and economic development programs. OCD-DRU parish liaisons provide technical assistance to the parishes in designing their programs, drawing down funds, finding contractors, etc.

Parishes in the G/I Recovery Program, Amount Allocated and Number of Projects

Parish Affordable Rental Program

The five most impacted parishes -- Terrebonne, Cameron, Iberville, East Baton Rouge and Lafourche -- were allocated a share of $24 million to invest in affordable housing.

State-Implemented Programs:

Housing Programs

Infrastructure and Economic Development Programs

Fisheries and Agriculture Programs