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Isaac Parish Programs

St. John the Baptist Parish Recovery Programs


Homeowner Rehabilitation

$11,549,820 to help homeowners rehabilitate, reconstruct and elevate their Isaac-damaged home

Small Rental Rehabilitation

$1,919,662 to owners of one- to four-unit rental properties to rehabilitate, reconstruct and elevate those properties

Housing Elevation

$2,500,000 towards a voluntary elevation program for homes located in flood-prone areas

Demolition and Clearance

$350,000 to demolish and clear properties identified by the St. John the Baptist Parish Planning and Zoning Department as uninhabitable, hazardous or otherwise unsafe storm-damaged homes

Homebuyer Assistance

$2,981,438 to assist low- to moderate-income residents in becoming new homeowner
Economic Development

$3,334,880 to address unmet economic development needs and expand economic opportunities

School Board

$5,000,000 to address unmet public facilities needs


Plaquemines Parish Recovery Programs

Homeowner Rehabilitation
$12,913,115.50 to create the new Plaquemines Homeowner Assistance Program (PHAP), which is necessary to address the unmet housing needs. Through an extensive outreach initiative, parish officials will identify qualifying homeowners and will coordinate all aspects of administering the program, including applicant intake, case management and construction work.

Housing Elevation
$4,039,600 to the  Housing Elevation/HMGP Non-Federal Match Program. This is a voluntary elevation program, implemented and administered in conjunction with homeowner elevation activities conducted in accordance with the parish's FEMA-funded Hazard Mitigation Grant Program for those homes located in flood-prone areas throughout the parish.