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Katrina-Rita Infrastructure Programs

Long Term Community Recovery

Supports implementation of local governments’ long-term recovery plans in the most heavily impacted communities. Funds have been allocated to parishes according to a formula based on estimated housing and infrastructure damage.

Priority projects are determined by parishes based on their recovery plans. OCD-DRU and consultants assist parishes and municipalities develop project applications and guide them in CDBG compliance as the projects are completed.

Types of LTCR projects include: drainage, first responder; health and hospitals; libraries; neighborhood redevelopment; parks recreation landscaping and others; streetscapes; transportation; water and sewage and other public buildings.

Local Government

Funds projects that meet critical local infrastructure needs that are unmet through other recovery programs.​


Primary and Secondary Education

Supports the rebuilding, repair and enhancement of storm-damaged school district facilities not eligible for FEMA Public Assistance funding. Funds were allocated to school districts based on damage.


Fisheries Infrastructure Assistance

Funds projects that improve the viability and long-term sustainability of the commercial and recreational fisheries of coastal Louisiana.



Ratepayer Mitigation/Entergy New Orleans**

Helped defray gas and electric utility systems repair costs in an effort to mitigate rate increases that would otherwise be passed on to the New Orleans gas and electric utility ratepayers. All of the $200 million was expended.
**Program is now closed out.

Other Katrina Recovery Programs:

Economic Development Programs

Housing Programs

Planning Programs