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Watershed Initiative Action Plans

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Procurement Policies & Procedures

# Action Plan or

Watershed Initiative Master Action Plan with public comments

Spanish Translation of LWI Master Action Plan

​For funds allocated by P.L. 115-123

Appendix  AFinancial and Administrative Policies & Procedures

Appendix B​Treasury State Cash Management Improvement Act Agreement
Appendix C​Substantial Action Plan Amendment Policy
Appendix D (English)
Appendix D (Spanish)
​Schedule of Prior Audit Findings

Appendix E​OSRAP Policy of Annual Submission of Single Audit Data Collection
Appendix F​OCD Subrecipient Monitoring Procedures Audit Requirements
Appendix G​Louisiana Procurement Code
Appendix H​Procurement Crosswalk
​Appendix I​Procurement Policy
​Appendix J​Duplication of Benefits Policy
Appendix K​Policy and Procedures to Determine Timely Expenditures
Appendix L​CDBG - DR Program Income Guidelines
Appendix M​Maintaining a Comprehensive Website
Appendix N​Detection of Fraud, Waste & Abuse Policy
Appendix O​Louisiana Division of Administration Internal Audit Charter
​Appendix P​Louisiana Division of Administration Internal Audit Plan for Fiscal Year 2020
Appendix Q​Legal Opinion on Proficient Policies & Procedures
Certifications & ResponsesFinancial Management & Grant Compliance Certification