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Contents of Capital Outlay Requests

​Each capital budget request should contain a detailed project description and justification that includes:
•an analysis of need with corroborative data.
•a reasonable estimate of the date when the project will be needed.
•the project's proposed location.
•the estimated construction cost.
•the cost of equipping and furnishing the project.
•the space utilization plan of the requesting agency (for project requests that involve construction of new or additional space).
•the cost of opening and operating the facility for the first year.
•the estimated annual operating and maintenance costs of the facility and the method and source of financing for each of the next five years.
•an identification and description of other similar facilities and projects in the given area and an evaluation of their capabilities to meet needs.

Each request should indicate the order of priority assigned to that project relative to other capital project requests submitted by the agency.

As amended in the Third Extraordinary Session of 1994, R.S. 39:102 now requires a capital outlay budget request to include a space utilization plan for the requesting agency. The intent of this legislation is to determine whether existing space can be utilized to provide needed space and avoid construction of new space. A space utilization study/plan must be submitted for all project requests that involve construction of new space. It is not necessary to submit a space utilization plan for projects such as asbestos abatement or roof repairs.