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Submission of Requests

Submission of Capital Outlay Requests is done through the eCORTS Website. eCORTS stands for electronic Capital Outlay Tracking System. Applications are filled out online and submitted electronically. The eCORTS System is our greatest tool for managing the information we receive for requests.

The website address is . If you are a first time user of the eCORTS System, you must first fill out a Request for a User ID. User ID's are assigned to all the users of the system. Once your user ID is assigned, the Capital Outlay Section will respond to your request with your login instructions via email.

Requests for capital projects (except those to be funded by the Transportation Trust Fund) may be submitted by state budget units or by political subdivisions (through the senator and representative in whose districts the proposed capital project will be located).

•R.S. 39:101.A requires the head of each state budget unit to submit a request for all expenditures for capital projects (except those to be funded from the Transportation Trust Fund) each year. These annual requests must contain and constitute a feasibility study, pursuant to Article VII, Section 11(C) of the Louisiana Constitution, and must include projects proposed to be funded within the next five years. This annual request document constitutes a five-year capital outlay plan for the agency.
•Local projects submitted through legislators may be forwarded with the legislators' recommendations for approval or disapproval or without recommendations. The signatures of either a senator or representative, in whose districts the project is located, is required for consideration of the project by the Division of Administration during preparation of the capital outlay budget.

Projects to be funded by and programs for the expenditure of funds from the Transportation Trust Fund (generally, for construction of streets, roads, highways, bridges, and drainage projects) are governed by the priority program required by Article VII, Section 27 of the Louisiana Constitution. Submittal forms, together with supporting information and documents, constitute the constitutionally required feasibility study.

Any project, or component of a project, that is not funded (that is, not on line of credit or included in a bond sale) or under contract in any one fiscal year (at the time you prepare your request for the subsequent fiscal year) must be requested again to be considered for reauthorization into the capital outlay budget for the subsequent fiscal year.

Project requests must be submitted by November 1 of each year for evaluation and possible inclusion in the capital outlay budget and capital outlay act for the next fiscal year. Capital outlay budget requests submitted after November 1 may be included within the capital outlay act if the project meets all of the applicable requirements except for time of submission and if:
•the project is an economic development project recommended in writing by the secretary of the Department of Economic Development or is an emergency project recommended in writing by the commissioner of administration.
•the project has been approved by the Joint Legislative Capital Outlay Committee.