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October 8, 2019​​ LaPAS will open for FY 2019-2020 1st Quarter Reporting
November 8, 2019 The Regular Reporting Period will end at 5:00 PM 
November 18, 2019 The Late Reporting Period will end and LaPAS will be closed at 5:00 PM


State departments and agencies must log-on to the secure LaPAS website. The public may access the View function to view performance in real time.

VIEW - View performance​ information in real time. ​
SEARCH​ - Search for specific performance indicators.
AGENCY UPD​ATE - Restricted Access: Authorized agency data entry users use this secure function to manage interim quarterly targets and enter quarterly Performance Progress Report data and explanatory notes.
AGENCY HEAD APPROVAL - Restricted Access: Authorized agency approval; authorities utilize this secure function to approve quarterly Performance Progress ​Reports.