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Enabling Legislation for Performance Based Budgeting

Act 1465 of 1997 The Louisiana Government Performance and Accountability Act (HB 2476 of 1997), which mandates performance-based budgeting in the Executive Branch of Louisiana state government.
Act ​1176 of 1999 (HB 1877 of 1999) Extends performance-based budgeting to the Judicial Branch of Louisiana state government.
Act 1169 of 1999 (HB 1762 of 1999) Amends selected provisions of Title 39 that were enacted by Act 1465 of 1997.
Act 1036 of 1999 (HB 2137 of 1999) Requires agencies to incorporate Louisiana: Vision 2020 components into their strategic and operational plans.
Act 82 of 2000 (HB 42 of 2000) Modifies the basis for rewards and penalties under performance-based budgeting and creates the Exceptional Performance and Efficiency Incentive Program.
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