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March 25, 1996


Blanket Property COVERAGE


Effective July 1, 1996, the animal mortality coverage provided by the Office of Risk Management will be amended to include the following exclusions:

The policy will not insure against:

- Death directly or indirectly, caused by, happening through or in consequence of the administration of any medication unless by a qualified veterinary surgeon or experienced personnel directed by him and certified by the veterinary surgeon to have been of prophylactic nature or necessitated by accident, disease or illness. "Medication" includes any drug, hormone, vitamin, protein or substances other than unadulterated food or drink.

- Loss of any animal which is not under daily care and supervision.

- Loss to horses 14 years of age and older.

- Loss to cattle 8 years of age and older.

- Loss resulting directly or indirectly from voluntary parting with the title or possession of an animal because of fraud, trick or false pretense.

If you have any questions in this matter, please contact Ms. Valerie Byrd at (504) 342-8470.