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- Administration Section

Jonathan Robillard
OSL Administrator
(225) 342-4578

​​Timber Sub-Program: (L.R.S. 41:1001-1009)

Sale and management of timber on State public lands is a sub-program that was implemented in 1985. Timber represents a significant source of recurring revenues which the State has only recently begun to develop. Office of State Lands foresters continually prepare forest management plans for small tracts of State public timberland scattered throughout the State in order to maximize economic returns from timber products while considering ecological effects to the land and the recreational needs for the public. Due to these diverse demands imposed on State public lands, it has become critical that forest management plans reflect public views while utilizing sound forestry practices to accomplish the desired results. The overall forest management plan for State timberland is to provide the public an opportunity to utilize the recreational aspects associated with the public forests while maximizing economic potentials from timber products. Historically, small farmers throughout Louisiana have utilized their land to provide for the needs of their family. They have attempted to keep the land productive and unharmed so that they can pass it on to the next generation. Using this same philosophy and a conservative approach to management, the Office of State Lands is able to protect the forests and insure future generations the use of public forest lands.

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