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Professional Contracts - Procedures for Submitting Contracts

Procedures for Submitting Contracts for Professional, Personal, Consulting, Social Services, and Interagency Agreements to the Office of State Procurement, Professional Contracts for Approval  

1. The original and two copies of the contract must be submitted to the Office of State Procurement, Professional Contracts. Please refrain from sending any more than 3 copies. Internal agency copies needed may be copied by agency upon return by the Office of Professional Contracts.

2. Contracts should be sent to the office of Professional Contracts prior to effective date of contract, however, if submitted later than sixty days after the effective date, you must provide written justification for the delay. (See Late Letter Justification.)  In no case will a contract or amendment be approved if it is submitted after its termination date.  (LAC 34.V.2521)

3. If a contract is disapproved for any reason, the disapproval letter will spell out the steps you must go through to have invoices approved for payment when the contractor has performed work under a disapproved contract. (Louisiana Revised Statutes Title 39:1672.2)

4. Each contract submitted should already:

A. Contain all appropriate contract clauses (i.e. assignability, tax, Legislative Auditor, etc). (See Sample Contracts.)

B. Contain a description of work to be performed including goals and objectives, deliverables, performance measures and a monitoring plan.

C. Be approved by Civil Service, unless exempted by Civil Service. (See Civil Service Exemptions.). (LAC 34.V.2521.G.1) Revised 6/11/2014

D. Be approved by the Attorney General and concurred with by Office of General Counsel if it is for legal services. (LAC 34.V.2521 G.2)

E. Be approved by the Legislative Auditor if auditing services are involved.

F. Be approved by appropriate education governing board, if applicable (i.e. LSU Board of Supervisors, BESE, University of Louisiana System, etc.)

G. Be approved by the Office of Telecommunications Management if the contract contains any telecommunications services.

H. Be accompanied by a signed budget form BA-22.

I. Be accompanied by a Certification Letterunless the maximum amount is less than $5,000.

J. Be accompanied by a letter of justification if contract term is longer than 12 months. NOTE: Multi-year contracts and contracts crossing fiscal years must contain fiscal funding clause.

K. Be accompanied by a Letter of Justification if contract is received in the office of Professional Contracts more than 60 days past the beginning of the contract.

L. Include anti-discrimination language as directed by Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

M. Travel must be in accordance with PPM 49 State Travel regulations if travel is to be reimbursed as a part of the contract.

N. If the contract is for consulting services, the contractor's resume should be included with contract.

O. If the contractor is an out-of-state corporation, it must be registered with the Secretary of State and a copy of the Certificate of Authority should be included with contract.

P. If the contractor is a corporation, profit or non-profit, contract must be accompanied by a Board Resolution from the Board of Directors of the corporation authorizing the signature for the corporation.

Q. If the contractor is a for-profit corporation whose stock is not publicly traded, proof that a Disclosure of Ownership form has been properly filed with the Secretary of State's Office should be submitted with the contract.

5. If the using agency has obtained prior delegated authority from the office of Professional Contracts, contracts for $20,000 or less may be approved by the using agency without the need for Professional Contracts review and approval. However, such agencies must submit Quarterly Reports to Professional Contracts as required.

6. Consulting service contracts for $50,000 or more must be let by a Request for Proposals process as outlined in the regulations of Professional Contracts.
If you are in doubt as to whether a contract is for consulting services, please get in touch with the office of Professional Contracts.

7. Social Services contracts for $250,000 or more annually must be let by a Request for Proposals process as outlined in the regulations of the office of Professional Contracts unless specifically exempt in accordance with Louisiana Revised Statutes Title 39:1619.          

8. Certain consulting and data processing services RFP's and subsequent contracts require the review of the Procurement Support Team.

9. Performance Evaluation or monitoring reports are the responsibility of the agency and are due in the office of Professional Contracts within 60 days after termination of contract. Please be sure to include Professional Contracts # and CFMS# on report. Additionally, reports must be sent to the Office of the Legislative Auditor for all contracts equal to or greater than $250,000.

10. In addition to the above, contracts awarded through a Request for Proposals process must contain additional information and documentation when submitted to office of Professional Contracts.  See Procedures for Submitting Contracts Awarded through the Request for Proposals Process.