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LaCarte Procurement Card Program

  • Agency - State Department that arranges with the card issuer, Bank of America, for the issuance of 'LaCarte' cards to authorized employees and agrees to accept liability for their employees' use of the cards.

  • Agency Program Administrator - Person designated by the department head to coordinate, monitor, and oversee an agency's purchasing card program. Serves as liaison between the cardholder, the agency/budget unit head, State Program Administrator and the Bank of America. Processes new card applications, changes to cardholder information, maintains cardholder profiles within WORKS, the software provided by Bank of America, while providing assistance and support to all sections within their department.

  • Cardholder - An employee of the State who is approved by his/her Department or Agency head to use 'LaCarte' to execute purchasing transactions on behalf of the agency. The cardholders name appears on the 'LaCarte' card and that person is accountable for all charges made with the card.

  • Cardholder Agreement Form - This form states that the cardholder has read and understands the policies and procedures of the State and his/her Agency relative to the procurement card use and agrees to comply with all of these established procedures. This form must be signed by the Cardholder prior to issuance of the card.

  • Cardholder Enrollment Form - This form contains pertinent cardholder information necessary for statement and mailing purposes, contact information, daily/monthly spending limits and budgetary controls. This form must be completed for all prospective cardholders.

  • Card Issuer - Bank of America's services were contracted for by the State of Louisiana, to issue 'LaCarte' Visa® Purchasing Cards to State Employees, to provide electronic transactions and billing to the Agencies for all purchases made on the cards, and to collect payment from the Agencies.

  • Default Account - The account code assigned to an individual cardholder's card. An object code assigned to the department's budget for supplies normally purchased by the cardholder. All charges made by the cardholder will default to this object code until reallocated by accounting personnel into an appropriate line item account(s). Default account information is set up by OSIS (Office of Statewide Information Services). This code is comprised of a 3 digit fund, a three digit agency number, a four digit org number (P followed by appropriated unit number) and a 4 digit pre-determined object code (3185).

  • Hierarchy Reporting - Process of viewing cardholder spending information by detail or summary according to your organization structure. Establishing a reporting hierarchy allows you to view spending and other card program data at various management reporting levels within your organization.

  • Memo Statement of Account - A listing of all transactions charged to the cardholder's account through the end of the monthly billing cycle. The Bank sends the statement directly to the cardholder, on a monthly basis for reconciliation purposes. This is not a bill. The cardholder must reconcile within the allotted number of days according to their agency policy and forward to supervisor/reviewer for approval.

  • Merchant Category Code (MCC) - Codes assigned by the Bank to suppliers that indicate their type of business. The State has separated these codes into three categories; prohibited, restricted and allowable. Purchases from merchants designated as prohibited will not be allowed. With sufficient justification, the State Program Administrator can remove restrictions and allow purchases from restricted merchants. Each 'LaCarte' card is encoded with the types of MCC's that a cardholder is authorized to purchase from. Attempts to purchase at either prohibited or restricted suppliers will be denied.

  • Monthly Spending Limit - A maximum dollar limit assigned to the cardholder for the total of all charges made during the monthly billing cycle.

  • Purchasing Card - Louisiana 'LaCarte' purchasing card is a Visa credit card issued by Bank of America for use by authorized state employees for the purpose of making purchases on behalf of their department. Issuance of this card in no way affects established purchasing rules and regulations but provides an alternative method for payment.

  • Single Purchase Limit - Amount set by the State Program Administrator as the maximum dollar amount (total amount of sale) allowed for any single transaction made with the 'LaCarte' card.

  •  Supervisor/Reviewer - Individual(s) within an agency who is responsible for requesting purchasing cards for Departmental employees who make official purchases. The Supervisor is responsible for verifying that all charges against the cardholder's account are authorized and made in accordance with the program guidelines and that the transaction is supported by adequate documentation.

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