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Procurement Services

Louisiana's Electronic Catalog (LA eCat)


LA eCat is available for contract search in LaGov.  The LaGov tab contains statewide contracts in LaGov format. It allows state contracts to be searched by a number of criteria including contract number, contract name, vendor, commodity code, etc.

Hardware and software requirements:
Personal Computer
Modem or a direct access Internet Connection
Internet Browser
Adobe Reader (free software) for viewing PDFs
MS Office Suite or equivalent for viewing Excel and other documents

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OSP Help Desks


The Office of State Procurement, formerly the Office of State Purchasing and Contractual Review, has expanded its Help Desk and Customer Service system to better serve our customers, vendors and the public. All Purchasing and Professional Contracts inquiries can be directed as follows:

Emails (preferred):

Professional Contracts:
Vendor Inquiries:


Our Help Desk hours are Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM (CST). We will endeavor to respond to all requests within 24 hours. We do not guarantee a resolution to an inquiry in that time period, but will acknowledge the inquiry and communicate with the requestor as needed to gather more information. Please note: standard inquiries/requests may take longer than 24 hours to receive a response when submitted on a Saturday or Sunday when our office is closed.



LaPAC - Online Solicitations & Award Information
Online solicitations and award information are available through the Louisiana Procurement and Contract Network (LaPAC). LaPAC provides a single point where vendors can view and print bid solicitations issued by participating state agencies and political subdivisions.


Features Include:
  • LaPAC may be viewed for a complete listing by department, by commodity category, or specific bid number. Complete documents may be viewed and those of interest can be printed and submitted by mail.
  • Any addenda issued will be listed along with original bid.
  • Award information including successful vendor and their award total will be posted to LaPAC.
  • Ability to publicize your business to potential buyers. The listing of registered companies will be available with a variety of search criteria.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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LaGov - Online Vendor Registration

Online registration is available for new vendors that wish to register to do business with the State. You can register for as few or as many commodities as you wish, and you may edit your enrollment at any time.  The State has converted from NIGP commodity codes to UNSPSC commodity codes for vendor registration and posting to LaPAC.

For the purposes of vendor enrollment, an in-state vendor is one that is incorporated in the State of Louisiana.


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