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BJ 2009

2009 Executive Orders

BJ 09-01

Carry-Forward Bond Allocation 2008

BJ 09-02
Louisiana Innovation Council

BJ 09-03
DOTD Guidelines for Vehicles, Trucks, and Loads Which Haul Hay from Louisiana to Texas

BJ 09-04
Governor's Military Advisory Board--Amends and Supercedes Executive Order No. BJ 08-26

BJ 09-05
Commission on Streamlining Government

BJ 09-06
Establishment of Unified Command Group and Subcommittees--Amends Executive Order No. BJ 08-45

BJ 09-07
Solid Waste Disposal Facility Requirements and Economic Development

BJ 09-08
Bond Allocation--Industrial Development Board of the Parish of St. Mary

BJ 09-09
Establish the Office of Louisiana Youth for Excellence (LYFE)

BJ 09-10
Office of Community Programs--Amend Executive Order No. BJ 08-34

BJ 09-11
Executive Department--Limited Hiring Freeze

BJ 09-12
Qualified School Construction Bond Program

BJ 09-13
Louisiana Shrimp Task Force

BJ 09-14
Louisiana Complete Count Committee

BJ 09-15
Bond Allocation--Louisiana Public Facilities Authority Crescent Garden Homes Project

BJ 09-16
Halting State Funding to Acorn

BJ 09-17
Flags at Half Staff

BJ 09-18
Bond Allocation--Jefferson Parish Finance Authority

BJ 09-19
DOTD Guidelines for Vehicles, Trucks and Loads Which Haul Hay from Louisiana to Texas

BJ 09-20
Bond Allocation--Jefferson Parish Finance Authority--Amend Executive Order No. BJ 09-18

BJ 09-21
Executive Branch--Expenditure Reduction