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BJ 2012

2012 Executive Orders

BJ 12-01

Carry-Forward Bond Allocation 2011

BJ 12-02
Rules and Policies on Leave for Unclasssified Service--Amended Retroactive to January 14, 2008

BJ 12-03
Executive Branch--Expenditure Freeze

BJ 12-04
Offender Labor

BJ 12-05
Coordinated Retirement Plan Sponsor--IRS Submission

BJ 12-06
Executive Department--Limited Hiring Freeze

BJ 12-07
DOTD Guidelines for Vehicles, Trucks and Loads Which Haul Hay from Louisiana to Texas

BJ 12-08
Flags at Half Staff

BJ 12-09
Boards and Commissions per Diem Freeze

BJ 12-10
DOTD Guidelines for Vehicles, Trucks, and Loads

BJ 12-11
Declaration of Public Health Emergency and to Temporarily Suspend Licensure Requirements for Emergency Medical Technicians

BJ 12-12
Licensed Bed Capacity for Nursing Homes

BJ 12-13
Use of State Vehicles to Transport Non-State Employees during Emergency

BJ 12-14
Emergency Procedures for Conducting State Business

BJ 12-15
Hurricane Isaac Escort Requirements for Oversize Vehicles, Trucks and Loads

BJ 12-16
Limited Transfer of Authority to Commissioner of Insurance for Emergency Rules for Hurricane Isaac

BJ 12-17
Emergency Occupation of Hotels and Motels by Utility Restoration Personnel

BJ 12-18
Public Health Emergency

BJ 12-19
In Memoriam

BJ 12-20
Moratorium on Boards and Commissions Authority to Pay per Diems and Elimination of Certain Boards

BJ 12-21
Vehicle Expenditure Freeze

BJ 12-22
Executive Branch--DOTD Guidelines for Vehicles, Trucks, and Loads which Haul Hay from Louisiana to Texas

BJ 12-23
Bond Allocation--Louisiana Local Government Environmental Facilities and Community Development Authority

BJ 12-24
Executive Branch--Expenditure Reduction

BJ 12-25
Executive Branch--Expenditure Freeze