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BJ 2014

2014 Executive Orders

BJ 14-01

Executive Department--Hiring Freeze

BJ 14-02
Carry-Forward Bond Allocation 2013

BJ 14-03
State of Emergency--Extension of Qualifying

BJ 14-04
Executive Branch--Expenditure Freeze

BJ 14-05
Flags at Half-Staff

BJ 14-06
Board of Elementary and Secondary Education--Suspension of Statewide Assessment Standards and Practices--Rule Revision

BJ 14-07
State Procurement of Academic Assessments

BJ 14-08
Executive Branch--New State Tax Supported Debt Limitation

BJ 14-09
Emergency Operations Plan

BJ 14-10
Offender Labor

BJ 14-11
In Memoriam

BJ 14-12
Freedom of Speech Protections for Louisiana Teachers

BJ 14-13
Travel to Areas Impacted by Ebola Virus Disease

BJ 14-14
Uniformity of Policies Related to the Crime of Sexual Assault

BJ 14-15
Bond Allocation--Louisiana Community Development Authority

BJ 14-16
Executive Branch--Expenditure Freeze

BJ 14-17
Medical Expenses and Examinations Related to the Crime of Sexual Assault

BJ 14-18
Executive Branch--Expenditure Reduction