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1993 Executive Orders

EWE 93-01
Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy--Retirement Communities

EWE 93-02
D.A.R.E. Advisory Board

EWE 93-03
Governor's Commission on the Capitol Lakes Rehabilitation Project

EWE 93-04
Cooperative Endeavor Agreement Oversight

EWE 93-05
1933 Bonds; the Lease Purchase, Tax Regulatory, and Construction Agreements

EWE 93-06
Minority Business Enterprise Act Compliance

EWE 93-07
Governor's Task Force on Charitable Gaming

EWE 93-08
Post Secondary Review Commission

EWE 93-09
Use of Alternative Fuels for State Vehicles

EWE 93-10
State Clearinghouse Designation

EWE 93-11
Bond Allocation

EWE 93-12
Minority Arts and Humanity Council

EWE 93-13
Bond Allocation

EWE 93-14
Oversight of the Coastal Non-Point Pollution Control Program

EWE 93-15
Drug Control and Violent Crime Policy Board

EWE 93-16
Alternate Fuels Task Force

EWE 93-17
Retirement Inducement Task Force

EWE 93-18
Employment Service Advisory Council

EWE 93-19
Advisory Council on the Child Care and Development Block Grant

EWE 93-20
Governor's Statewide Independent Living

EWE 93-21
Emergency Response Commission

EWE 93-22
State Emergency Operating Center

EWE 93-23
Post Secondary Review Commission

EWE 93-24
Medical Benefits Council

EWE 93-25
Bond Allocation

EWE 93-26
Bond Allocation

EWE 93-27
Bond Allocation

EWE 93-28
Special Permit for Operators of Cotton Modules

EWE 93-29
Creation of the Office of Urban Affairs and Development

EWE 93-30
Emergency and Disaster Preparation

EWE 93-31
Governor's Task Force on Charitable Gaming

EWE 93-32
Creation of the Louisiana Violent Crime and homicide Task Force

EWE 93-33
Creation of the Louisiana Medical Benefits Council

EWE 93-34
Small Business bonding Assistance Program

EWE 93-35
Office of Litter Reduction and Public Action

EWE 93-36
Special Harvest Season Permit for Sugarcane

EWE 93-37
Amendment to EWE 93-36

EWE 93-38
Creation of the Louisiana Telecommunication Task Force

EWE 93-39
Amendment to EWE 93-8

EWE 93-40
Bond Allocation

EWE 93-41
Bond Allocation

EWE 93-42
Bond Allocation

EWE 93-43
Bond Allocation

EWE 93-44
Bond Allocation

EWE 93-45
Bond Allocation

EWE 93-46
Bond Allocation

EWE 93-47
Bond Allocation

EWE 93-48
Creation of Louisiana Serve Commission