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OSRAP Overview

The Office of Statewide Reporting and Accounting Policy (OSRAP) is a service and control agency established within the Division of Administration to perform the following functions:

Prepare and publish the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) of the State of Louisiana and other statewide reports, interim reports to the Federal government, and other reporting as mandated by the Commissioner of Administration.

The Commissioner of the Division of Administration is charged with establishing a uniform system of accounting in all state agencies (LRS 39:78). He has delegated this authority to the OSRAP. OSRAP establishes and maintains accounting policies and procedures in compliance with state and federal laws, as well as, ensuring compliance with generally accepted accounting policies, pronouncements of the Governmental Accounting Standards Boards, and other accounting standards setting boards.

Monitor and maintain the ISIS accounting integrity and ensures the internal balance of the system. This is accomplished through the periodic completion of fund reconciliations as well as on-line table and report reviews.

Approve journal vouchers and assist agencies in the preparation thereof, monitor appropriations and cash availability, implement, coordinate and monitor the CMIA programs and perform other functions of appropriation control.

Maintain the statewide vendor file used for various financial systems.

Implement, monitor and review the disbursement of State funds. This includes monitoring the check print process and EFT payment program. The OSRAP is responsible for the enrollment of vendors that want to receive payment through electronic funds transfer.

Assist various state agencies and commissions in resolving intricate and complex financial problems.

Maintain the state's accounting structure and related tables in the Integrated Statewide Information System (ISIS).

Compile and negotiate the Statewide Cost Allocation Plan for the State of Louisiana and serve as central administrator of the Plan for state agencies.

Ms. Lindsay Schexnayder is the Director of OSRAP. OSRAP is divided into two major sections, Financial Systems and Financial and Management Reporting. Mr. James Lodge is the manager of the Financial Systems section. The Financial Systems section of OSRAP is responsible for OSRAP's AFS table maintenance, vendor file maintenance, collecting Federal Census Bureau information, system ad hoc reporting, the OSRAP Help Desk, establishing accounting policy and procedure, printing IRS form 1099, appropriations control and certain document approvals. Mr. Mark Rhodes and Mr. Sean Langlois are the managers of the Financial and Management Reporting section. The Financial and Management Reporting section prepares the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), reports on accounts receivable, develops and negotiates the Statewide Cost Allocation Plan, and reviews GASB proposals. In addition to the above both sections provide specialized reports for the Commissioner's Office and perform many specialized tasks for that office.


The main telephone number for OSRAP is  (225) 342-0708 

OSRAP Help Desk line (225) 342-1097
OSRAP Main FAX Number  (225) 342-1053

Vendor Section FAX Number  (225) 342-0960

EFT Section FAX Number (225) 342-0964