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OSRAP Memorandums for Fiscal Year 2010

Memo No.
OSRAP 10-0107/22/2009

Fiscal Year Rollover of Encumbrances

OSRAP 10-0207/22/2009

Year End Liquidation of Accounts Payable/Credit Memos at 8/15/09

OSRAP 10-0307/23/2009

ISIS Prior Year Close Procedures for August 14, 2009

OSRAP 10-0409/21/2009

Federal Disaster Relief Assistance

OSRAP 10-0509/21/2009

AFS Processing of Budget Documents for Executive Order BJ 09-11 BA-7s

OSRAP 10-0610/14/2009

Holiday Check Print Schedule

OSRAP 10-0711/09/2009

Coding Expenditures and Tracking Lost Revenues Related to Hurricane Ida

OSRAP 10-0812/04/2009

Recording FEMA Reimbursements Received from the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP) for Funds to be Returned to the Office of Risk Management (ORM) for Project Worksheets (PW) Related to Hurricane Gustav

OSRAP 10-0912/07/2009

Chart of Accounts Regeneration and Major Structure Changes

OSRAP 10-1012/09/2009

1099 Reporting for Calendar Year 2009

OSRAP 10-1112/21/2009

1099 Payer Vendor Records

OSRAP 10-1201/05/2010

1099 Table Processing - Calendar Year 2009

OSRAP 10-1302/18/2010

Calendar Year 2009 1099 Changes due by March 26, 2010

OSRAP 10-1403/01/2010

Policy and Procedure Memorandum 73 - Taxable and Nontaxable Fringe Benefits

OSRAP 10-1503/09/2010

Zero Dollar Appropriations for FY 11

OSRAP 10-1603/10/2010

Revised Accounts Receivable Quarterly Forms and Instructions

OSRAP 10-1704/14/2010

Pollution Remediation Expenditure Objects

OSRAP 10-1804/21/2010

Implementation of GASB 53, Accounting and Financial Reporting for Derivative Instruments (Effective FY 2010)

OSRAP 10-1904/28/2010

Coding Expenditures and Tracking Lost Revenues Related to the British Petroleum (BP) Oil Rig Explosion

OSRAP 10-2005/06/2010

FY 10 Commodity Based Purchases Not Encumbered by 6/30/10

OSRAP 10-2105/14/2010

Deepwater Horizon Event (BP Oil Rig Explosion) Memos from DOA Commissioner dated May 6, 2010 and May 13, 2010

OSRAP 10-2205/21/2010

New Revenue Sources for Receipts from Litigation

OSRAP 10-2305/21/2010

Deepwater Horizon Event (BP Oil Rig Explosion) Memo from the Commissioner of Administration: Deepwater Horizon Event - Coding of Expenditures Required for Reimbursement

OSRAP 10-2405/24/2010

FY 10 Outstanding Pre-encumbrances

OSRAP 10-2505/24/2010

Voiding ISIS Vendor Checks

OSRAP 10-2605/24/2010

Aged Outstanding ISIS Vendor Checks

OSRAP 10-2706/04/2010

Unclassified Deposits

OSRAP 10-2806/04/2010

FY 10 Transactions Pending in AFS Suspense File (SUSF)

OSRAP 10-2906/04/2010

Archiving the AFS DISC Table

OSRAP 10-3006/04/2010

June 30, 2010 Year End Close

OSRAP 10-3106/28/2010

Instructions for the Determination of which Annual Fiscal Report (AFR) to Prepare

OSRAP 10-3206/28/2010

Instructions for Preparation of the Annual Fiscal Report (AFR)