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Previous Versions of the Policies and Procedures Manual

This page consists of previous versions of the OSRAP PPM and is gradually being replaced with updated and reissued version of each chapter. Revised chapters can be found at /sites/doa/pages/osrap/publications.aspx 
Policies and Procedures
Chapter and Subject

Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: General Accounting 
Chapter 3: Transaction Processing 
Chapter 5: Chapter 6: Cash Receipts 
Chapter 7: Budgets
Chapter 9: Encumbrance Chapter 10: General Payments
Chapter 11: Journal Vouchers Chapter 12: Travel/Other Reimbursements 
Chapter 13: Bad Debt Coordination Chapter 14: Grant Accounting 
Chapter 15: CMIAChapter 16: Project Accounting
Chapter 17: Cost Allocation SubsystemChapter 18: Agency Interfaces
Chapter 19: Consumable InventoryChapter 20: Fixed Asset Accounting​​ and Reporting
Chapter 21: Closing ProcessesChapter 22: Forms Standards
Chapter 23: GFS Report Standards