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Agency Relationship Management


ClusterLast NameFirst NameAgenciesEmailOffice
DIRECTORMooreDavidDRU, LTCdavid.moore2@la.gov225-219-0197
ECONOMIC DEVJamesNicolausLEDnicolaus.james@la.gov225-342-5686
ENVIR. QUALITYSmithDanielDEQ, DVAdaniel.smith@la.gov225-219-5580
HUMAN SERVICES-AConeyBradLDHbrad.coney@la.gov225-342-9258
HUMAN SERVICES-BHobgoodCynthiaDCFS, GOEAcynthia.hobgood@la.gov225-342-4885
NATURAL RESOURCESBankstonBrianDNR, CPRAbrian.bankston@la.gov225-342-1473
PUBLIC SAFETY-AKleinRobertDPS, GOHSEP, ATC, OSIGrobert.klein@la.gov225-219-4994
PUBLIC SAFETY-BPrinceKarltonDOC, OJJkarlton.prince@la.gov225-342-8782
WILDLIFE & FISHERIESHenryAlvinWLFalvin.henry@la.gov225-765-2843



​Business Relationship Management


Supports service strategy

  • Identifies stakeholders and specify strategic requirements and funding to provide business case for potential opportunities to the IT organization
​​Facilitates service design​
  • Validates customer requirements and ensures customer involvement in design activities
  • Coordinates service transition
  • Coordinates customer involvement in service transition processes and ensures validation of release schedules
  • Plans, directs ​and coordinates the development and distribution of informational material about IT services to agencies
  • ​Communicates the scope, performance metrics, ​objectives, cost, and roles and responsibilities of services to end use

Supports service operations

  • ​Maintains the business relationships between Central IT and the departments to enable better linkage between IT as a service provider and the customer at the strategic and tactical levels
  • Provides the key point of contact for agencies to provide direct support for agency IT operations
  • Communicates scheduled outages, updates on major incidents
  • Drives continuous service improvement
  • Develops, negotiates, maintains and monitors shared service level agreements (SLAs) with agencies
  • Reports service performance, facilitates reviews on ability to meet strategic objectives and initiate service improvement plans
  • Evaluates and responds to customer satisfaction through service reviews, customer feedback and service level monitoring​

Business Analysis

  • Pooled group of resources that will be dispatched to different projects ​on a requested basis
  • Provides business and IT ​analysis in support of project ​conception, initiation and completion
  • Supports requirements gathering from departments, development of customer solutions
  • Supports alignment between business and IT and with enterprise IT standards
  • Identifies changes to the customer environment that could potentially impact the type, level or utilization of services provided
  • Helps preparing business case for change drivers and transformational changes