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Device Hardware and Software Support

Active Directory Objects OTS will manage user and device memberships on the state Active Directory domains.
Endpoint Security OTS will manage desktop security solutions which will help prevent malware and malicious attacks.  OTS will manage anti-virus software and will provide troubleshooting of malware and virus cleanup through the anti-virus software and other third party tools.  OTS will manage hard disk and device encryption where applicable.
Device Management OTS will provide centralized device management which will include the following functions:  image development and maintenance, software and image deployment, software inventory management, patch management, policy management and reporting. 
Profile Management OTS will provide user profile management.
IT Asset Tracking OTS will provide detailed data about IT assets including: hardware specifications and warranties, software licensing, installed applications and their versions, and locations. 
Productivity Suite Support OTS will support a standard productivity suite. The applications included in this package are Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and Email.  This will include troubleshooting and upgrades to the most current versions in the future.  This does not include formal training.
Operating System Support OTS will support the state standard operating system on all approved devices for in-scope agencies.  This will include vendor updates and out of band updates, all operating system troubleshooting, and upgrades to those operating systems in the future.  This will include 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems. 
Non-Standard Software Installations OTS will install and support software which is authorized for use by OTS and the agencies.
VPN and Remote Access Support OTS will provide and support VPN and other remote access client software on state owned devices. Installation and configuration instructions will be provided for VPN users on non-state equipment.
Hardware Evaluation OTS will evaluate hardware to endure the equipment meets end user requirements and OTS standards. 
Hardware Support and Maintenance  OTS will provide hardware support in the form of installation, diagnostics, troubleshooting, part replacement, delivery, warranty part management and limited equipment moves.  The items that will be supported in this form are network printers, network scanners, and all parts of the workstation, for example, video cards, hard drives, RAM, secondary drives, etc. 
Hardware Device Sanitization OTS will provide data sanitization services pursuant to DOA Policy #22. Click here for link to Policy.