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ISIS Memorandums

Memorandums are issued statewide regarding procedures or information relevant to these applications. The memorandums are numbered consecutively within the fiscal year of issue and prefixed with the word ISIS (e.g., ISIS 15-001).

ISIS memos are published in Adobe (pdf) format. Adobe Reader must be installed on your PC to view or print the material. The Adobe Reader can be obtained free.
Fiscal Year 2019

ISIS19-001 AFS Extended Availability during June 30, 2019 Close
ISIS19-002 AFS System Unavailable Monday, July 1, 2019
 AFS Archive

Fiscal Year 2018

ISIS18-001 - AFS Archive Process for FY 2016           
ISIS18-002 AFS Exteneded Availability during June 30, 2018 Close           

ISIS18-003 AFS System Unavailable Sunday, July 1, 2018

Fiscal Year 2017

ISIS17-001 - 12/06/2016 AFS Archive Process for FY 2015
ISIS17-002 AFS Extended Availability during June 30, 2017 Close
ISIS17-003 AFS System Unavailable Saturday, July 1, 2017
ISIS17-004 AFS Extended Availability during FY 17 13th Period Close
ISIS17-005 AFS Unavailable During Annual Close Process for FY 17

Fiscal Year 2016

AFS Unavailable During Annual Close Process for FY16
ISIS16-003 - 06/07/2016 AFS System Unavailable Friday, July 1, 2016

ISIS16-002 - 06/07/2016 AFS Extended Availability During June 30 2016 Close

Fiscal Year 2015

AFS, AGPS, and CFMS Unavailable During Annual Close Process for FY 15
ISIS16-001 - 12/03/2015 AFS Annual Archive Process for FY 2014 
ISIS15-005 - 06/10/2015 AFS, AGPS, and CFMS Systems Unavailable Wednesday, July 1, 2015 
ISIS15-004 - 06/09/2015 AFS, AGPS, and CFMS Extended Availability During 2015 Year-End Closes 
ISIS15-003 - 11/24/14 AFS Annual Archive Process for FY 2013 
ISIS15-002 - 11/06/14 AGPS Annual Archive Process for FY 2013 
ISIS15-001 - 09/17/14 AFS, AGPS, CFMS Unavailable During Annual Close Process for FY14

Fiscal Year 14