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LaGov ERP - Financial Bulletin Board

December 7, 2011

12/7/11Vendor Remittance Address​
9/22/11 RE User Status Now Available
9/14/11 Transaction CN43N - Project Info System 
9/7/11 LaGov Costing Changes Effective 9/7/11
8/31/11 Enhancements to the ZFIPBEC Report


Vendor Remittance Address                                                                            Issued 12/7/11

A change was made to vendor registration in Supplier Self Service (SUS) that allows a vendor to enter a 'Remit to' address.  When a vendor has added a remittance address in SUS, users can view the address during invoice entry.  Click on How To - View Vendor Remittance Address.


RE User Status Now Available                                                                         Issued 9/22/11

A change has been implemented for contracts in the RE module.  User status is now available in the Status Display box on the General Data tab of the contract.  The User Status has three options:  Pre-Active Contract (PACT), Active Contract (ACTV), and Inactive Contract (INAC).  All new contracts will default with a user status of ACTV - Active Contract. 

If you would like to use these statuses, put your contract in change mode, click on the pencil next to the user status field, select the status you want, and click on the green check. Save the contract. If you do not have a need to use these statuses, no action is necessary. 


Transaction  CN43N - Project Info System                                                        Issued 9/14/11

WBS Elements Initial Screen has been modified to include DOTD User Fields (State, FHWA, and Phase Level) as Dynamic  Selections (Shift + F4).  These dynamic selections provide you more
options for narrowing down your record selection. 
Click this link for more on the CN43N enhancement.


LaGov Costing Changes Effective 9/7/11                                                           Issued 9/7/11 

Effective 9/7/2011, rules have been applied to the system that will default the functional area from the Project Definition level of the WBS element if one has been entered. The functional area can only be overridden with an ARRA functional area (108*). Please click on LaGov Costing Changes Effective 9/7/11 for more information.


Enhancements to the ZFIPBEC Report                                                            Issued 8/31/11 

The Project Budget, Expenditure, and Commitment Report (ZFIPBEC) has now been updated to include Funds Center, in addition to WBS Element and Fund, in the report selection criteria. The report can also be run as of a specific posting date, and it features a new drill-down capability that allows users to see transactional-level details for each row of results data.

Please click on this link for more information and assistance in running the newly-enhanced ZFIPBEC - Project Budget Report.