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LaGov ERP Security

Each agency must designate both a primary and an alternate security administrator for each of the following areas of LaGov that they utilize.


     LaGov HCM/LSO                    Designation done on ISF061

    LaGov ERP                               Designation done on LSF062 and LSF063

    LaGov Statewide SRM            Designation done on LSF064 and LSF065

    (These forms can be found in LEO under My Work > Publications)


LaGov Security Administrators:

 Security Administrators can find valuable tools located under LEO > My Work:

      Click Publications to view a LaGov Security Administration Manual and to download forms.

      Click Position Security to access various security reports, the Online LaGov Security Application, and a Web Help Desk ticket.



              Online LaGov Security application 


Agency Employees:

  •  If unable to log into LEO or LaGov du to locked ID or unknown Password, click Forgot Password? Locked? link on LEO Login screen.
  • If first time to log into LEO, click First Time User? link on LEO Login screen.
  • If you enter transactions into LaGov and have problems with your access permissions, contact the appropriate Security Administrator. Click Who Do I Contact for Help? link on LEO Home Page to find Security Administrator Names and contact information.