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Network Services

The DCO network operations team oversees the OTS network and cabling architecture statewide.  This group works with vendors and other OTS sections to provide Internet access, data center Local Area Network services, Wide Area Network services via our MPLS backbone, and user site Local Area Network services. Typical efforts include processing network service orders and providing 24/7 trouble resolution for data center network and WAN services as well as providing tier 3 support for remote office LAN environments.  Strategic operations also include projects related to consolidation efforts, site moves, multi-site optimizations, upgrades, etc.    

LaNet provides network expertise to other groups within the Office of Technology Services and to our customer agencies.  Our personnel also play a key role in procurement of IT/telecommunications technology products and services for OTS, acting as project lead and/or subject matter expert for many procurement efforts. Our team further supports the business functions of OTS by serving in an advisory role for budgeting and development/maintenance of OTS lines of service: 


Domain Name ServiceDCO - DS
CircuitsDCO - NET
Consolidated Network Access (CNA) DCO - NET
Data Dial ToneDCO - NET
MPLS Intrastate Transport (MIT)DCO - NET
Regional Ethernet DCO - NET
Wire and CableDCO - NET