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ISIS Training

For ISIS training OTS offers Computer Based Training also known as CBT.  CBT is a computer program that simulated and allows users to duplicate many of the functions of the ISIS financial system AFS.   

AFS CBT courses have been designed to:

  • Demonstrate selected AFS transactions, documents or procedures.
  • Walk you through specific examples. 
  • Allow you to process information as if you were using the production system.
  • Display helpful hints regarding the transaction, procedure, document or use of the system.

CBTs allow you to:
  • Practice on the system without worrying you'll "break" something or get stuck.
  • Take the courses an many times as you wish.
  • Take the courses at your office.
  • Take the courses as slowly as you wish or as fast as you can.
  • Take the courses when it is convenient for you (morning, afternoon, etc.)
  • Strengthen your system knowledge.  These courses can be re-taken if you forget the steps in a function or you would liek to brush up on how to process a document. 

Employees must be registered for a CBT course in order to gain access into the course.  Personnel numbers are being used as the student's ID number.  Users can call the ISIS Help Desk at 342-2677 (Opption 2,2) to request access.  

For more information on AFS computer based training including instructions on how to login into CBT once you gain access you are encouraged to read the CBT Instructional Guide