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Network Services Catalog of Services: Internet

The Internet Line of Service allows an agency to purchase separately the amount of Internet bandwidth needed to support their users. Agencies must subscribe to a type of Consolidated Network Access (CNA) to obtain OTS/NS Internet service.

Other factors to consider when ordering OTS/NS Internet service are Domain Name Services, IP addresses, and email.

Domain Name Services--If a subscriber needs a domain name in the "" or "" domain space, OTS has the authority to issue the domain name. OTS can also run secondary Domain Name Services for your organization as a backup for the primary server. There is no charge for this service. Refer to the Domain Name Service Line of Service page or contact OTS Data Center Operations (DCO) Directory Services for more information.

Acquiring IP Addresses--Because of the scarcity of Internet Protocol version 4 network addresses, subscribers are encouraged to use private network addresses on their local networks. This requires the use of a firewall or other translation mechanism to translate the private addresses to public addresses for traffic bound for the Internet. OTS/NS can provide a limited number of public IP class C addresses to subscribers upon request. There is no charge for IP addresses, although OTS/NS does require detailed information about how a subscriber intends to use the addresses. Also, should a subscriber cancel their Internet services, they will be required to relinquish those IP addresses within 30 days of cancellation. Click here to get additional information about IP addresses.

Other Services--OTS/NS Internet is designed to be a connectivity service, and does not offer services like email, agency-specific DNS, or Web services. Subscribers may purchase these services separately from OTS, or if not part of the statewide IT consolidation they may set up their own services or contract with a commercial provider.

Who can use this service?

Internet services may be requested by:
  • any agency or department of the State of Louisiana
  • any political subdivision of the State of Louisiana, including city and parish government;
  • private and public educational institutions within the state of Louisiana from kindergarten through university level;
  • other qualifying institutions as described in the current ​OTM Administrative Rules and Regulations.

Customers of the Internet service are expected to abide by rules of engagement outlined in the Office of Technology Services Information Security Policy.

Trouble Reporting Procedures

Although OTS/NS network services are designed to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at times it is necessary to perform maintenance on network components in order to maintain quality service. OTS/NS strives to perform this maintenance with the least impact on its customers. Click here to view the Network Maintenance policy and schedule. If you should experience trouble with your network services outside the scheduled maintenance window, please contact our Trouble Reporting number at 225 342-7777. Click here for complete procedures.

Billing Rates

Subscribers pay a monthly Internet service fee based on the speed of their connection. Subscribers will be billed by OTS/NS through the standard billing arrangements for this service. Billing will begin for the first month after the connection is established. For agencies outside the Baton Rouge LATA (225 area code), MPLS Intrastate Transport (MIT) charges will also apply, such that the total monthly cost of Internet service will be CNA charges plus MIT charges plus Internet charges at the selected service rates.

Monthly Rate Per Mb
Up to 19 Mbps
20 Mbps - 49 Mbps
50 Mbps - 99 Mbps
100 Mbps -149 Mbps
150 Mbps - 249 Mbps
250 Mbps -499 Mbps
500 Mbps - 749 Mbps
750 Mbps - 999 Mbps
1000 Mbps +

A Support Service fee of 0.5% shall be applied to the monthly cost of these services.

How to Order

To subscribe to Internet services:

  • Review the complete description of the Internet service including all applicable terms and conditions as outlined in the service request form. Decide what configuration of services best meets your organization's needs.
  • Complete the Enhanced Network Services Access Request (NS-43). Send the form to OTS/NS.

By submitting this request, the subscriber acknowledges having read, understood, and agreed to all the terms and conditions outlined in the Enhanced Network Services Access Request.

NS-43 Enhanced Network Services Access Request

Order Inquiries
Section Customer Service
Phone 225-342-7720
General Inquiries
Section LaNet
Phone 225-219-4860