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Network Services Catalog of Services: Wireless Messaging--Pagers

The pager is a common, inexpensive means for sending a message directly to someone. The pager alerts the recipient that someone is attempting to establish contact. Pagers can convey transmitted information such as the time and date of a page, a callback number, a voice message or a text message. In some cases a return call is not even necessary.

There are three components involved in pagers: pager equipment, pager air time which determines the area of geographic coverage, and special features.  Pagers, airtime and associated features are available to State agencies through a state contract with Spok, Inc., contract number 4400009160​.  Agencies are to work directly with the contractor to determine needs and select appropriate equipment, service, and special features.

If the agency's pager communications requirement cannot be met with the various pager offerings available, the agency should contact OTS/NS to see what other options are available.


Billing Rates 

Agencies will be billed directly by Spok, Inc., and agency payments are to be made directly to Spok Inc..


How To Order  
All orders for pager devices and services will be placed directly with Spok, Inc.  Agencies may contact the company at

Forms--no forms are used for this service

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