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Network Services Catalog of Services: Multimedia Collaboration Services - Audio Only, Video and Web Conferencing Service

The Multimedia Conferencing Services contract has a variety of offerings such as Audio Only which is a usage-based product billed per minute, per participant.  This service can be accessed in multiple ways such as a landline, mobile phone or through voice over computer (VoC). 
Video and Web conferencing (utilizing a type of conferencing equipment/computer and/or telephone) are provided by AT&T Conferencing with Zoom.  There are multiple flavors available, all of which require a Named Host License.  These options are Flat Rate Unlimited Call-Me, with a flat fee and the platform places calls to the participants; Usage-Based Option, with per-minute, per-participant charges when users dial-in; and a hybrid option for Flat-Rate Call Me which allows participants to either be called or dial-in, when charges may be incurred.  More detailed information on all options is provided below.
AT&T Conferencing with Zoom is cloud-based, and is built upon an open system architecture for ease of use.  The software is encrypted, and enables HIPPA compliance.  In addition, conferences can be recorded in the cloud, in MP4 format, at no additional cost, for later playback. 
The service provides customers with an array of collaboration and productivity tools including high definition video, data sharing, and breakout sessions, content sharing, group messaging and presence along with audio, video, and web-conferencing capabilities.  Conference calls can be accessed by clicking on a URL shown in the Zoom Named Host meeting invitation to enable Voice over Computer (VoC) connection, by being called by host call-me, or by dialing a global conference telephone number provided by AT&T.  With one click, participants can connect anytime/anywhere - no matter their location - using a desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet device.

NOTE:  Before scheduling your first meeting, please follow this link for important information on securing the meeting, minimizing disruptions, and keeping uninvited guests out.

Audio Only Conferencing--AT&T Audio Only Conferencing is a standalone, reservationless, usage-based Host subscription.  The service is accessed through a landline or mobile device.  Service features include:

  • Host can dial out to join a participant to a session.
  • Host can perform audio monitoring functions such as mute, unmute, expel.
  • System provides entry and exit announcement options i.e., name record, tones, or silence. 
  • Host can lock and unlock the conference to control uninvited guests from joining.
  • Host can obtain a count of participants on the call at any given time.
  • Technical assistance is available in a live call by pressing * 0 on their touchtone keypad.
  • Host can turn on conference continuation without Host participation.
  • Listen only mode allows participant question and answer session.
  • Hosts can enable voting and polling by participant.

This service supports up to 250 participants on a single call.  Host are provided with pre-determined dial-in numbers (toll free and 1+10-digit caller paid) and access codes to conduct conference calls anytime and anywhere. Audio Only Conferencing incurs usage-based billing at a cost per minute and per participant, allowing host to pay only when they utilize the service.

Video and Web Conferencing (AT&T Conferencing with Zoom)

Zoom Named Host License (required for all Zoom services)--Zoom Named Host is a subscription license, assigned to an individual user, which entitles the user to utilize Zoom Meetings to host audio, web and video conferences.   Zoom Named Host subscriptions are available in 200, 300, and 500 participants and are hard capped at their specific capacity.   For example, Zoom Meetings 200 is limited to a maximum attendance of 1 Named Host and 199 meeting attendees. 

    Zoom Named Host Audio Options:
    1. The “Flat Rate Unlimited Call-Me” option is a monthly flat-rate charge where the host limits participation to Call-Me.  In this option, the platform places the call to the participant.
    2. The “Usage-Based” option is a per-minute and per-participant charge for dialing into the conference bridge utilizing the provided dial-in numbers included in the invitation.
    3. The “Flat-Rate Unlimited Call-Me Hybrid” option allows participants to either be called or dial-in.  Should a participant chose to dial-in, a per-participant, per-minute charge will be incurred.

    Note:  Voice over Computer (VoC) audio conferencing is provided as part of the monthly Zoom Named Host subscription at no additional charge.

Advanced Zoom Features

    Zoom Video Webinars
    AT&T offers the optional Zoom Video Webinars which allows a Zoom Named Host to broadcast a Zoom meeting with view-only.  Webinars licenses start at a capacity of 100 participants and can scale up to 10,000 participants.  A host or a panelist can share their screen, video and audio in a webinar, and attendees can use the chat or question and answer options to interact with a host and panelists. Contact for more information.

    Zoom Rooms
    AT&T offers the optional Zoom Rooms which is a software-based room system that provides an integrated experience for audio conferencing, wireless screen sharing and video conferencing.  Zoom Rooms supports screen sharing with WIFI, Airplay or a wired HDMI connection.  Zoom Rooms can be used for room-only attendees or remote attendees joining from another room, from their desktop, or from their mobile device.  Zoom Rooms manages and monitors each participants’ connectivity and dynamically manages video resolution based upon available bandwidth, with audio given first priority.  Each room requires, at minimum, a Mac or Windows computer that runs the Zoom Rooms software, and an iPad, Android or Windows 10 tablet that runs the Zoom Rooms app. Additional equipment can include TV displays, speakers, cameras, microphones, and an iPad that runs the Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display Contact for more information.

    Zoom Room Cloud Connector
    AT&T offers the optional Zoom Room Cloud Connector, which can extend traditional H.323/SIP room systems to the cloud allowing connectivity with desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The service interoperates with many legacy endpoints including Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize, Huawei, and others. The service supports H.264, H.239, H.235, and G.722 protocols. Customers may connect multiple H.323/SIP endpoints or Multi Conferencing Unit (MCU) bridges. Multi-screen support is also available for content and video streams, as well as active speaker or gallery video layouts. Contact for more information.

Additional Services
This contract offers additional services such as Telemedicine, Managed Meeting Rooms, Managed Video Endpoints, Video Equipment, etc. Contact for more information.

International Calling
International calling is available.

Billing Rates
All accounts will receive monthly billing directly from AT&T.

Audio Only Conferencing
$0.019 per minute and per participant.

Video and Web Conferencing

Zoom Named Host – Per Subscription License (required)

  • Capacity up to 300 participants - $9.63 per month/per subscription. 
  • Capacity up to 500 participants - $77.00 per month/per subscription.         

    Zoom Named Host Audio Options

    1. Flat-Rate Unlimited Call-Me Service:  $6.60 per Zoom Named Host license, per month.
    2. Usage-Based: $0.019 per minute and per participant.
    3. Flat-Rate Unlimited Call-Me Hybrid: $6.60 per Zoom Named Host license, per month, plus charges incurred from participant dial-in.

Advanced Zoom Features

    Zoom Webinars – Subscription-Based Pricing

    • Capacity up to 100 participants - $18.70 per month/per subscription.
    • Capacity up to 500 participants - $55.00 per month/per subscription.
    • Capacity up to 1,000 participants - $110.00 per month/per subscription.
    • Capacity up to 3,000 participants - $330.00 per month/per subscription.
    • Capacity up to 5,000 participants - $825.00 per month/per subscription.
    • Capacity up to 10,000 participants - $2,200.00 per month/per subscription.

    Zoom Room License
     $22.00 per month per customer account.

    Zoom Room Cloud Connector
     $9.63 per month per customer account.

Additional Services
For more information about services such as Telemedicine, Managed Meeting Rooms, Managed Video Endpoints, Video Equipment, etc., email

International Calling 

International calling is available. Rates vary by country. For specific contract rates by country, refer to the vendor's international call price list: AT&T International Pricing

How to Order 

All orders are placed directly to AT&T by using the established email below. Allow 24-48 hours after submitting the request for a return contact to discuss the agency's individual needs and to present a solution.  Do not contact Zoom directly.

For new orders, complete forms NS-101 Audio Only, NS-102 Named Host-Per Minute Audio, or NS-103 Named Host-Flat Rate Call Me, depending on plan chosen. Be sure to complete the entire form to avoid any account or billing issues.

For changes or disconnects of an existing account, compete the NS-103 Audio Only Change Form, NS-106 Named Host-Per Minute Audio Change Form, or NS-107 Named Host-Call Me Flat Rate Change Form. Be sure to complete the entire form to avoid any account or billing issues.

For ordering Advanced Features or Additional Services, email for more information.

NS-101 Audio Only Conferencing New Account Set Up Form
NS-102 Named Host with Per Minute Audio New Account Set Up Form
NS-103 Named Host with Flat Rate Call Me New Account Set Up Form
NS-105 Audio Only Conferencing Change Form
NS-106 Named Host with Per Minute Audio Change Form

NS-107 Named Host with Flat Rate Call Me Change Form

Section Special Services
Phone 225-342-4420
Audio Only Conferencing Trouble Reporting Information
Phone 800-526-2655
Customer Care Reservation Center (caller press 4 to report trouble) (24/7)

Video and Web Conferencing (Zoom) Trouble Reporting Information
Do not contact Zoom directly.
Phone 844-310-2245 or 847-562-7161
AT&T Help Desk/Universal Agent