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Network Services Catalog of Services: Automated Attendant

An automated attendant is a telephone answering service. It is available statewide and encompasses various services that can be assembled and designed in a customized manner to meet the agency's business needs.

An automated attendant provides callers with the capability to self-direct or to route their calls based on menu choices. An application may be multiple menus deep, with each menu offering up to 10 possible options. Typically, each option would transfer to:

  • a specific telephone number,
  • an informative recording (information like office hours, location, mailing address, what services are available, qualifications, instructions, etc.),
  • another menu box, or
  • a mailbox that allows callers to record a message which is sent as a wave file to a specific agency email address.

Another auto attendant choice is a name directory mailbox, which allows the caller to spell the name of and be transferred to a staff member within the organization.

Other options include routing based on the time of day or the day of week.

Each automated attendant requires a network traffic component that manages the quantity of simultaneous callers permitted into the service. That quantity is determined through traffic studies from the dial tone provider and is a function of the number of incoming calls, the average length of time a caller will be listening to the messages and making selections, and the service level desired by the agency.


Billing Rates
OTS/NS Messaging Services staff will meet with the agency to discuss their needs and design a system prior to providing a cost estimate. The agency is under no obligation to continue after the estimate is given.

How to Order
For more information or to set up an initial meeting or conference call, contact the OTS/NS. When OTS/NS and the agency agree upon the design and scripting, the agency will decide whether or not to approve the cost estimate. After the agency approves the cost estimate, OTS/NS will work with the contractor to implement the automated attendant.

Forms--No forms are used for this service

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