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Network Services Catalog of Services: Billing

Agencies are billed monthly by OTS/NS for all telecommunications services. Some items, like long distance and printing charges, are billed in arrears. Other items, like local service, are billed at the beginning of the month for which the service is rendered.

Included with the bill are a summary of charges/invoice, the allocation summary report, allocation detail report and supporting documentation. If there are questions regarding an item on a bill, the TC or the agency accounting department may call the numbers listed below.

If additional billing information is needed, contact the OTS/NS Billing Unit.

If a general ledger number/accounting unit/cost center is being changed or added, the OTS/NS Billing Unit must be informed in writing.

Billing discrepancies must also be submitted in writing with appropriate documentation to the OTS/NS Billing Unit. Examples of appropriate documentation are a copy of the bill, a copy of the toll calls, copies of service orders if applicable or prior correspondence regarding the discrepancy. Be sure to include the general ledger number/accounting unit/cost center, a description of the problem and the month of the bill. The discrepancy will be investigated and any appropriate adjustment will be made.

Self Service Portal and Online Billing Reports
Information about the Self Service Portal and online billing reports is available here​. Supporting documentation such as vendor specific invoices will be sent to users.

Printing Fees
OTS/NS can provide a printed copy of the agency bill at a charge of $.20 per page.

Forms-- no forms are used for this service

OTS/NS Billing  
Section Billing
Phone 225-342-0700
OTM Self Service Portal
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Phone 225-342-2500