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Network Services Catalog of Services: Capitol Park Fiber Optic Cables and Innerduct

Interconnectivity between buildings in the Capitol Park area is normally handled by either a Local Exchange Carrier for voice services or by OTS Network Services' LaNet team for Local/Metro Area Network services. Non-standard or proprietary systems which require connectivity between buildings in Capitol Park may be eligible to utilize existing fiber and innerduct resources. Buildings located in Capitol Park are identified at this site: Park Site Plan-Original.pdf

Fiber in the Capitol building and Governor's Mansion are not included in this service.

Who Owns This Resource? 
Capitol Park Fiber Optic Cables and Innerduct resources are owned by the Office of State Buildings (OSB) but managed by OTS Network Services (OTS/NS).

Who Can Use This Resource?
This resource is limited in use and is only available with authorization from OSB and OTS/NS.  Service is provided to requesting agencies on a month-to-month basis with the following conditions:

  • Agency is responsible for any installation/repair costs necessary to establish and maintain connection between the requested locations.
  • Performance characteristics of the fiber are not guaranteed.
  • OTS Network Services will provide circuit services but will not monitor daily delivery and usage of service.
  • Hand-offs will be via patch cords from DOA’s fiber patch panels. Agency shall provide their own path to the handoff points and shall be responsible for any necessary adaptive patch cords or electronics needed to interface with the DOA fiber.  Fusion splicing directly to the DOA fiber is not allowed.
  • No right of access into or right of way through DOA facilities (telecom rooms, manholes, handholes, splice cases, termination enclosures, etc.) is permitted.
  • Network Services will provide email or phone notification to the agency within four hours of any expected outage, maintenance service or technical event that might affect the delivery of service. 
  • Agency will be responsible for a portion of any repair and/or maintenance cost for the cable and associated infrastructure used to provide the requested services. 
  • Should a need arise in the future for OTS/NS or OSB to reclaim the allocated fiber strands, Network Services will notify the agency in writing, and the agency must discontinue use within 60 days.

Trouble Reporting Procedures
Report connectivity trouble to your agency's internal help desk to isolate the problem and ensure that the fault is indeed in the fiber optic cable or innerduct. Once the trouble is determine to be fiber related, call the OTS/NS Tech Support at 225-342-7777. Tech Support will engage  the LaNet team,, who will provide an initial assessment and  open a trouble ticket to dispatch a contractor to repair or replace the defective cable or hardware. Click here to view OTS/NS Tech Support procedures.

Billing Rates
There are no charges for:

  • resource usage
  • simple adds, moves or changes, provided the resources are available

There is no charge for reporting repair issues to OTS/NS Tech Support. However, repair costs may be charged to the agency.

How To Order
Submit a Capitol Park Fiber Request Form (NS-50) to OTS Network Services.  An authorized agency representative must sign and submit the order; this does not have to be a Telecommunications Coordinator since there is no direct charge for this service.  The LaNet team will work with the agency to assess and complete the request.

Capitol Park Fiber Optic Cables and Innerduct resources are available on first come, first served, as available basis. If the resources exist, they are assigned and made available to the requesting agency. If the resource is unavailable, a construction project will be required to install the resource. Depending on the size, scope and cost of the installation project, the resource may not be available for weeks or months if capital outlay funding is required.  The requesting agency may be responsible for all or part of the construction cost.

NS-50 Capitol Park ​Fiber Request

Section LaNet Service Provisioning
Phone 225-219-4860