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Network Services Catalog of Services: Emergency Notification Services (ENS)

Emergency Notification Services (ENS) is a web-based service that provides speedy and simultaneous alerts or notifications via SMS, email, cellular and landlines to agency-chosen recipients. All or any combination of these end points can be used as recipients. ENS is easy to access and use to make programming changes, to initiate alerts, and to send notifications. Outgoing alerts and notifications can be initiated by smart devices, laptops or personal computers.

The ENS recipients' information can be downloaded from the procuring agency's database as frequently as needed to maintain the recipient database integrity. Another facet of the service is that once a recipient's profile is loaded into the ENS, the recipient can access his individual profile via a web interface and view/make changes as needed. If a recipient ports his cellular service to another carrier, that information is automatically updated in the individual's recipient profile by the wireless carriers; the procuring agency does not have to be concerned with that variable.

ENS recipients can have five, ten, or an unlimited number of devices associated with their individual profiles, depending on the contractor chosen. English, French, Vietnamese and a variety of other languages are available for an agency's deployment of ENS, depending on the contractor chosen.

Using a login id and password, agency designated administrator(s) can program and initiate alerts/notifications via interaction with the ENS.

The State has awarded contracts to two vendors: OnTime (Dial My Calls) and OnSolve (First Call).  An agency interested in ENS should speak with each contractor's representative to understand the capabilities, parameters and pricing of each service and how it can best meet the agency's needs. Additionally, each contractor may have optional services that may be of interest to the procuring agency.

Billing Rates
Billing for the ENS will be sent directly to the agency by the contractor. OTS/NS will not bill for the service. Agencies will make payment directly to the contractor.

For pricing details, refer to the corresponding information linked below for OnSolve or OnTime:



How to Order
All orders for ENS will be placed directly with the contractor of choice. Agencies may contact the contractors as listed below.

Forms--No forms are used for this service

ON TIME TELECOM Inc. dba DIAL MY CALLS800-928-2086 ext. 905


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