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Network Services Catalog of Services: Support Services and Processing Fees

The Office of Technology Services Network Services, as an Internal Service Fund, is required by state and federal law to recover all of its cost, both direct and indirect, from the rates it charges its customers for services provided.

Processing Fee
A processing charge will be applied to some lines of service that do not have a standard billing rate. Billing for those lines of service will be based on the actual cost of the service plus the processing charge.

Line of Service
Non-Standard Dial Tone
Time and Material
Wire and Cable
Circuits--Local Loops
Long Distance Toll
Internet Gateway
Equipment Maintenance

Support Services Fee
This fee is 0.5% of the monthly bill. The revenue generated from this fee is used to cover the cost of administering and providing the following non-revenue generating services to state agencies:

  • State Information and Referral Service (Directory Assistance)
  • State Telephone Directory
  • Equipment Support Contracts    
  • Training and Education Services

The Support Services Fee provides the revenue needed to cover such costs as bid development and evaluation, contract administration, customer service, accounting services, and personnel services which are required in order for these services to be provided.

Support Services Fee 0.5% of monthly bill

For example, an agency with a $1,000 monthly bill is charged a $5.00 Support Services Fee. This small fee should have minimal impact on state agencies and allows OTS/NS to comply with state and federal laws.