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Network Services Catalog of Services: Voice Equipment Maintenance

Most key system and PBX equipment installations come with a one-year warranty which begins as soon as installation is completed and accepted. After the warranty, agencies can purchase a Vendor Maintenance Contract by contacting the vendor, or utilize Time and Materials via OTS/NS Tech Support (225 342-7777).

Billing Rates
This service provides for the maintenance of telecommunications equipment and will be provided through OTS/NS, at a time and materials charge depending on providing vendor rates.

This service shall be provided at a Special Rate plus a 1% processing charge. The Special Rate shall be developed based upon the cost of the vendor contract.

How to Order
To purchase new telephone sets, the agency should contact the OTS/NS Customer Service Section at 225 342-7720 or

Should an agency require a Time and Materials repair, the agency should contact OTS/NS Tech Support at 225 342-7777 or

Forms--no forms are used for this service

Section Customer Service Provisioning
Phone 225-342-7720
Section Tech Support
Phone 225-342-7777