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Network Services Catalog of Services: Metro DWDM

OTS/NS offers high bandwidth optical data transport between two data centers in the Baton Rouge metropolitan area. The Metro Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing service provides transparent, protocol independent, bit-rate transport of numerous service types. This service is ideally suited for mainframe connectivity, business continuity/disaster recovery solutions, Ethernet transport and optical storage connectivity. These services are provided through contracted Uniti services.

Service Locations (Baton Rouge)

  • Information Services Building, 1800 North Third Street

  • Department of Public Safety Data Processing Center, 8001 Independence Boulevard

Service Offerings
All connections are provided as single point-to-point transport circuits.

Billing Rates 

Protocol   Monthly Rate
Fibre Channel 100 760 .00
Fibre Channel 200 760 .00
FICON 760 .00
FICON Express 760 .00
​ 100 Mb 380.​ ​00
 1 Gb  760 .00
 10 Gb  1,216 .00
 40 Gb  3,040 .00

All handoffs are fiber optic.

For any other protocols, contact OTS/NS Customer Service Provisioning.

A Support Service fee of 0.5% shall be applied to the monthly cost of these services.

How to Order
Submit a Metro DWDM Order Form (NS-53) to OTS/NS Customer Service Provisioning.

Trouble Reporting
Metro DWDM problems should be reported to the OTS/NS Tech Support.

NS-53 Metro DWDM Order Form 

Section Customer Service Provisioning
  Group 225-342-7720 
  Manager 225-342-7226
Trouble Reporting
Section Tech Support
Phone 225-342-7777