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Network Services Catalog of Services: Procurement and Contract Administration

The OTS Network Services Procurement Support Services Section provides a service for acquiring the proper telecommunications equipment, systems, and services at the best possible prices. Bid specifications are developed and approved by OTS/NS. Then, depending on the dollar amount, the Procurement Support Services Section either delegates the bidding back to the using agency or sends the requisition to State Purchasing for bidding. The Procurement Support Services Section administers all statewide telecommunications contracts.

Billing Rates
There is no charge for this service.

How to Order
The agency TC should begin the procurement process by coordinating requests for equipment or services purchases with their agency's procurement personnel. The following steps should then be followed when submitting requisitions.

  • If the type of equipment or service needed is known, the TC should prepare an in-house request and forward it to the requesting agency's procurement staff.
  • If the required equipment or service type is not known, the TC should contact the OTS/NS Project Request Unit.
  • If the equipment or service is available on a state contract, a release order should be issued. If the equipment or service is not available on a contract, a requisition should be forwarded to the OTS/NS Procurement Director for approval. The TC should make certain the requisition has proper agency approvals before it is forwarded to OTS/NS.
  • Most requisitions for telecommunications equipment and services must have OTS/NS approval prior to bidding. Some release orders must have approval from OTS/NS prior to issuing to the contractor. For more information, see Delegation of Authority for Telecommunications Requests or contact the OTS/NS Procurement Director.

Forms--no forms are used for this service

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