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Network Services Catalog of Services: Regional Ethernet

Regional Ethernet Line of Service provides Ethernet services statewide through commercial vendors. Under this line of service, the State is divided into nine separate regions (see Region Map and Region List for details), and Ethernet services can be established for both intra-region and between two geographically adjacent regions. This line of service is not applicable for Ethernet services that cross more than two geographically adjacent regions.

Ethernet services are available as point-to-point connections, and under certain circumstances point-to-multipoint connections. Various speeds (from 2Mbps to 10Gbps) and handoff facilities may be available, dependent upon locations and vendors. In addition, certain features such as QoS may be available as well. OTS/NS will work closely with agencies to provide technical assistance as needed, prior to ordering the services.

The State has established service contracts with the following providers. Please follow the links below to learn more about each vendor's service offerings in their respective service regions and region-to-region:

AT&T Regional Ethernet Service Offerings

Cox Communications Regional Ethernet Service Offerings

DETEL Regional Ethernet Service Offerings

Hunt Telecommunications Regional Ethernet Service Offerings

Southern Light Regional Ethernet Service Offerings

TW Telecom Regional Ethernet Service Offerings

How To Order 
Agencies interested in acquiring Regional Ethernet service should complete and submit an NS-51 Ethernet Agency Request for Vendor Quote Form to OTS/NS. OTS/NS will determine which vendors are able to provide the service in the requested area(s) and obtain and validate rate quotes from the available vendors. OTS/NS will then provide the quote to the requesting agency. If multiple vendors respond to the request for quote, the requesting agency may choose from the responding vendors based on the agency's specific technical needs, timeline, or price.

To accept the quote and order the service, the agency should complete and submit to OTS/NS an NS-38 Ethernet Service Order Form.

Billing Rates
Ethernet rates are determined by the specific service type, speed, and the distance of the service location from the service provider's Ethernet node. Additional charges can be incurred where additional bands and mileage are concerned. Follow the process described in How to Order to obtain specific service pricing quotes

For pricing assistance and information about Ethernet services, contact the OTS/NS LaNet section.

NS-38 Ethernet Service Order Form
NS-51 Ethernet Agency Request for Vendor Quote Form