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Network Services Catalog of Services: Training

The Information and Training Section of OTS/NS offers training in several areas.

Professional Telephone Skills--This is a three hour training session offered to all state employees and is designed to enhance telephone communications skills. This training focuses on the importance of making a good impression, effective listening, telephone etiquette, the correct use of telephone features and handling or dealing with the difficult caller. Classes are held at OTS/NS facilities. Out of town sessions may be scheduled upon request. No fee is charged for this training.  Click here for brochure in pdf.

Feature Training--Upon request, OTS/NS can provide or make arrangements for training pertaining to Centrex features, PBX features and functions, and ISDN. 

  • Click here for a brochure of Centrex features in pdf.
  • Click here for a brochure about ISDN telephone sets in pdf.

Customized brochures are available upon request.

Telecommunications Coordinator (TC) Orientation--This three-hour class provides registered TCs with a general introduction to working with OTS/NS. The class offers an overview of the OTS/NS website including OTS/NS's administrative rules, telecommunications information notices, and common telecommunications terms. Representatives from OTS/NS's billing, customer service, advanced services, help desk, wireless, and voice processing sections present information about working with their respective sections. In addition, TCs interested in meeting with a representative from another section at OTS/NS may schedule an appointment. Newly appointed TCs will receive information to register for this class which is held at OTS/NS.

Special Request Training--Upon request, OTS/NS may be able to tailor training in the field of telephony to meet the specific needs of the requesting user or assist in the procurement of such training. Cost will be determined on an individual basis.

Billing Rates
There is no charge for training conducted by OTS/NS staff. There may be a charge for training conducted by a vendor.

How to Order
Requests for training should be directed to the OTS/NS Information and Training Section at

Forms--no forms are used for this service

Section Information and Training 
Phone 225-342-7725