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Network Catalog of Services: Video Equipment

OTS/NS has contracts for both Polycom and CISCO (previously Tandberg) video conferencing equipment. These contracts can be used by agencies for the purchase of:

  • video equipment,
  • ancillary equipment and components,
  • software,
  • maintenance, and
  • installation

The Polycom contract is contract number 4400010241 with Solutionz, Inc. Polycom contract number 400003949 with Audio Visual Innovations, Inc. expired 04/17/17. Tandberq equipment previously procured from Tandberg contract 4400002601, which expired August 15, 2016, can be procured from Cisco Network Service Equipment contract 4400003810.

Contact vendors directly for details concerning these contracts. For general questions or to obtain a copy of the contract, contact the Office of State Procurement directly or visit their website.

Billing Rates
The agency will be billed directly by the contractor. Prices are based on percentage discounts. Refer to contracts 4400010241 and 4400003810 for details. (Information about telecommunications contracts is available on the Office of State Procurement website.)

How to Order
Agencies interested in procuring video equipment, software, etc., will place orders directly with the contractor.

Forms--No Forms are used for this service

Section Messaging Services
Phone 225-342-7774 
CompanySolutionz Conferencing, Inc.
CISCO (previously Tandberg):
Refer to the Office of State Procurement's LA eCat